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PLANET X Caught on Camera in Marbella End Times Signs 2016

I believe I have Planet X on camera. I'm noscientist, but every person that use his brain immediately know this is not about the sun or sun flare. For the end of my tutorials I make outdoor shots of my beautiful Spanish city Marbella. Yesterday i was planning to use this footage and i discovered that something emerged from behind the clouds, going down. This demonstrates that this is not a sun flare. A flare always moves the opposite direction of the light source. Itmoves too fast for a moon. Less than four minutes it has moved from position a to position b. I am very skeptical when it comes to Planet X. I get to see material everyday send by

people claiming that Sun flares, Sunlightreflection on the clouds or the moon is Planet X. Thrust me, i know how to use my eyes and.brains but than you have this. People definitely drop by and comment i am doing this for the views (which i quite understandable). Come on, i have already +6.1 million views, one tutorial doesn't make any difference. I share what i think it's worth sharing, if you likeit or not. Here is the original footage, let me showyou the metadata of this AVCHD tutorial file. I have a Panasonic camcorder that only creates tutorials in AVCHD file format, a format that's uneditable. As you can see recorded on January 18 at 7:03 PM and i've put it on my workstation

51 minutes later. So it's original. Let meimport the original footage into adobe premiere. Voilá.I believe I have Planet X on camera. I want to read your thoughts in the comment section, join the conversation, your words really counts.At lionsgroundnews is the full article available. I will include a link in the tutorialdescription or click the box, top right corner now(if you watch on ).If you are here for the first time, i suggest to click the RED fancy subscribe button ifyou are on , the green fancy follow button if you are on Dailymotion below this tutorial to make sure you never miss the alternative

news quot;theyquot; don't want you to know.It's important and being appreciated a lot if you share this tutorial, to spread the newslike an unstoppable virus. I´m Heathcliff, your host.Lionsgroundnews .

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