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7 stunning end of the world predictions

According to scientists, the world could endon March 16, 2880. Asteroid 1950 DA has a 0.3% chance of hittingEarth in 867 years. At 1 km in diameter, rotates once every twohours and six minutes and would cause untold damage were it to hit the earth.The Shrinking Mt Everest, 2015 There was something else going on with thelandscape of Nepal, which nobody would have even thought of us.As the earthquake subsided, what came as a real shocker was that the earth's highestmountain range, Mt. Everest stood 2.8 cm smaller, according to satellite data.Earth's magnetic field flips!

The biggest reason which led the Mayan apocalypsebelievers to predict the end of the world in 2012 was based on the changing patternsof Earth's magnetic fields. However, Earth's magnetic field is stillweakening 10 times faster than normal, at present and can further weaken.Earth's magnetic field flips! The biggest reason which led the Mayan apocalypsebelievers to predict the end of the world in 2012 was based on the changing patternsof Earth's magnetic fields. However, Earth's magnetic field is stillweakening 10 times faster than normal, at present and can further weaken.Earth Will Be Destroyed by Floods and Earthquakes

by 2021.A series of apocalyptic events, including floods and earthquakes will spell the endof the world before 2021, according to a doomsday prophecy.NEW UNKNOWN WEAPON In this scenario a new type of weapon is created.It might be a Fusion Bomb capable of turning the world into a shortterm star, it mightbe a new form of radiation or it might even be a gravitational weapon that stops the worldspinning. TOTAL NUCLEAR WARThe devastation from thermonuclear blasts would be bad enough and would send what wasleft of mankind back to the Stone Age.

The radiation would engulf the planet on ascale that can't be imagined. Within 6 months anyone who was not “blown up� would bevery sick. Within 24 months just about everyone is dead.

End Times Instructions from Heaven Carlos Sarmiento Its Supernatural with Sid Roth

Is there a supernaturaldimensioné a world beyond the one we knowé Is there life after deathé Do angels existé Can our dreams contain messagesfrom Heavené Can we tap into ancient secretsof the supernaturalé Are healing miracles realé Sid Roth has spent over 35 yearsresearching the strange world of

the supernatural. Join Sid for this editionof It's Supernatural! Sid: Hello. Welcometo my world where it's naturally supernatural. I just so love breathing in therarified air of Heaven. My guest did it better than mostpeople. You see, he was caught up out ofhis body unexpectedly to Heaven and he was granted the privilegeto see the God of Abraham, Isaac

and Jacob speaking to theMessiah of Israel about the End Times, and you must, I say youmust hear what he came back to report. So let me ask you this question. My guest Carlos is a, he was atBenny Hinn's church. You were picked out by him. Tell me real briefly, whathappened. You just show up and whathappenedé

Carlos: First time I attendedchurch there, the ushers, for whatever reason, sit me at thethird row, aisle seat, dead center from the platform wherehe's preaching. And in the middle of hispreaching, he stops, points his finger at me, he says, quot;I don'tknow who you are, young man, but the call of God is all over yourlife. The anointing is upon you andfrom this day forward, usher, when this young man comes intothis church building, I want you

to make sure he gets a seat upfront.quot; That was my introduction toBenny Hinn and to his church. Sid: And then he starts workingon the team, and then he starts his own congregation, and thenit's hugely successful, and then everything that's supposed tohappen is happening, and he feels that he's arrived. And then he goes to ameeting and a prophet says: quot;Who here does this citymean anything toéquot;

And he knows it's him. He stands up. And what does this prophet KimClement say to youé Carlos: Well the prophet saidthat there's somebody here connected to Indiana. And so he goes through a processof elimination. Twelve people raise their handsand he goes, quot;No, it's not you, not you, not you.quot;

Urban Ministry in the End time Sabbath School Lesson 12 Q3 2016

Urban ministry in the end times. Through the last few weeks we looked at howJesus was reaching people. And now we should ask ourselves, what's nexté How can we use what we have learnedé And it's interesting that the author of this quarterly hadfound it important to dedicate a whole week of research And paying close attention to the challenges andthe goals that come up with the Urban ministry. I wonder why. The lesson says that for the last decade the majorityof the world population is living in metropolitan areas.

If we want to reach people,we shouldn't be running away from them And cities have theiradvantages and disadvantages in relation to the gospel. In this lesson, it pays close attention,to the advantages like the mosaic of many languages, many cultures, many ethnic groups,all of them presenting great opportunities for outreach. The example of apostle Paulin the book of Acts chapter 18 demonstrates how he was ableto take full advantage of the common ground that he shared with the people who surrounded him.For the purpose of connecting and ministering to them. I think that we need an entire quarterdedicated to urban ministry.

We need so much to learn,we need a complete reeducation in this. But the lesson makes few important points, the first ofwhich is that cities are full of opportunities for ministry. It's amazing to read Paul's story, that you mentioned,and see how the Greeks kind of defended Paul and beat up the ruler of the synagoguewho wanted judgement against him. But even more than that on how peopleneeded Jesus in their lives and how lives were changed. Sometimes faith can be basedon national or cultural conciseness For some religion is what identifies themand converting can be as treason. It's a big deal. Not that cities don't have this problem but, people aremore used to diversity and more opened to explore,

to listen, to try to understand. Especially when they need help, or are hurting. No wonder Jesus spent much of His time in cities. He was confronted by the incomparable scaleof hurt, suffering and illnesses in the city boundaries. Jesus was a healer, Jesus was a comforterand He felt just right in being in this environment. The lesson calls the cities the quot;Hurting Place.quot; And points out that it's not enoughjust to show up from time to time to do something nice. But rather to be really there,engaged, involved, committed to help the community.

In order for people to trust you,they have to feel that you care Multifaceted uniqueness separatesthe urban from the rural areas. Cities' communities are much less predictable They're much more dynamic and less stereotyped. That's why outreach there,requires individually approached preparation And the different nature of soilthat Matthew chapter 13 describes it, where the seed can fall,either in the good soil or on the rock, requires different approach,different measures to be taken in preparation,

so that we can have even the chanceof reaping fruits after that. The dynamics are different in the cities. Life is much busier and faster,time is a very scarce commodity. Relationships are different, the needs, the expectations We need to understand that and work the soil. Remove rocks, pull thorns, it may hurt,but then the sowing will be more fruitful. Small groups, are they the answer for the big cityé Definitely yes, but whyé

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