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End Times Rumors

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Fear of END TIMES is a BIG Distraction

Many people are very fearful that the endof the world is near. But it is a big distraction to be fearfulof �END TIMES� and the �Prophecies� and all the things that are happening.Those that DO NOT know JESUS CHRIST as their LORD are the people who should fear the thingsthat are coming on this world, BUT IF YOU KNOW JESUS AS YOUR LORD AND YOURSAVIOR, IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED THE HOLY SPIRIT, THEN IT IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!You have absolutely nothing to fear. Jesus told His disciples about the things that wouldcome; that there would be WARS and rumors of wars,that there would be famines and pestilences

and many things that would happen.But all these things would be the very BEGINNING of birth pangs. He told them that,they should NOT let their heart trouble them and they should not fear.If you are a disciple of Jesus you have absolutely NOTHING to fear because you fear the LIVINGGOD and your faith and your trust is in HIM. But if you don�t truly know Jesus as LORD,if you are just a fake Christian, or if you do not know GOD, then you have everythingto fear. The people will look around and they willsee all the things that are happening and MUCH fear will fall on them.This is what Jesus says about the world in

Luke Chapter 21:26 He says;�Men�s hearts {will be} failing them from fear and the expectation of those things whichare coming on the world, for the powers of the heaven will be shaken.Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with POWER and GREAT GLORY.Now when these things begin to happen, LOOK UP and LIFT UP YOUR HEADS because your redemptiondraws near. For those that do NOT know the LORD, theywill fear and their hearts will fail them. But those who look UP for their redemption,that look UP to the Living God to protect them,THEY will be protected and THEY have absolutely

nothing to fear. Are you in fear today ofend timesé Are you distracted by things that are happeningin the end timesé Or is your fear truly of the Living GodéMay the grace of Jesus be with you.

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