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Seven Trumpets Sounds of Revelation Explained 2016 End Times Bible Prophecies

I would just like to add something now regarding the apocalyptic events following 'The Four Horsemenquot;. Remember I said that these . . . worldwide catastrophes get worse. If we go by my interpretation of 'The Four Horsemen', they progressively get worse and worse. And I speculate that the Christian persecution, which is mentioned at the end of Chapter 6 of Revelation . . .

that if we follow the pattern . . . we are looking at up to 100 million before the next seal is broken (that being the megathrust earthquake, which will be even worse). But then, Revelation 8, now, we are talking about a volcanic eruption in Revelation

Chapter 8. And one that would cause that much devastation that it would affect the entire world and cause the death count to be in excess of 100 million, we can only be talking about a super eruption here. So it's not far fetched at all, what I have said about Yellowstone. It's the supervolcano that is overdue a super eruption,

It's an active volcano, there's a volcano mentioned in Revelation Chapter 8, and it's one of the end time apocalyptic events. So . . . yeah. And they get worse; they get worse. So I'm pretty sure that's what we are talking about here. A volcano in Revelation, to be worthy of the Book of Revelation, it would have to be a super eruption.

And it will affect one third part of the world, the seas, the ships, the sky. And all of this is just so reminiscent of a super eruption. It all sounds very much like the effects of a super eruption. So that's what we are talking about there. There's a volcano mentioned in Revelation, and considering what's already been with the horsemen,

it's got to be a super eruption, hasn't ité No volcanic eruption, just a standard volcanic eruption, would cause that much devastation. So I have done a bit more research on the super eruption of Yellowstone, and what that would mean for mankind, and what's interesting is all of North America would be devastated.

Beyond Today Who Are the Two Witnesses

Steve Two men lie dead in the street. Forthree and a half years they've stopped the rain and condemned the world. The crowd aroundthem cheers, sparking a celebration of their death. A party atmosphere breaks out and quicklyspreads around the world. Their corpses are immediately seen around the globe throughInstagram and Twitter. People share photos taken next to their remains. All of the calamitythat they've apparently brought on the world has finally come to an end. That's a vivid picture of what the Bible paintsof a scene that lies ahead. But who are these two individualsé Are theyreally the source of international troubles

that the world will soon seeé Stay tuned toBeyond Today as we discuss quot;Who are the Two Witnesseséquot; Announcer Join our host Steve Myers andhis guests, as they help you understand your future on Beyond Today! Steve The book of Revelation tells the storyof four very powerful men and the world that lies ahead of us. Bible prophecy tells thatthe time of the end will be defined by world war, natural disasters, financial crises,and religious confusion. Jesus Himself predicted these future events. He said that everyonearound the globe will be affected by these

things. Even today, it's not too hard to imaginethe stress and trouble of a world on the edge. With humanity in turmoil, everyone will seekanswers to the seemingly insurmountable problems. But watch out! Christ said you could be fooledby those who come with apparent solutions. According to Jesus, deception will be rampantaround the world. It will be a trying time on a global scale. So as this scenario hitshome and we feel the effects individually, how can we be sure not to be taken in by deceptionéThat's what Jesus warned about. It will be a challenging time when there seemsto be nowhere to turn. But then; two men: a political leader and a religious leader,will come onto the world scene, bringing answers

to this world crisis. Stepping up to solve the world's problems,these two men will help form a unified worldwide government that can enforce peace. They seemto be able to rid the world of those that oppose progress. People sigh a breath of relief when they revivefailing economies, with a controlled system of buying and selling. Even more surprising,they're actually able to work out differences between the world's religions. Somehow they'reable to unite mankind under a universal religion that unifies people around the globe.

These men they will have the love, the respect,the support of the entire world as troubles seem to turn around and countries begin tohope for prosperity. As the world pays homage to these two men, it seems to change the outlookof mankind to one of hope for the future. Now this isn't just some fantasy. The Biblepromises us that these events will actually happen in the future. In fact, Scripture describesthe authority that one of these men will have. He will be a great political leader describedin Revelation 13: quot;.And authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation.All who dwell on the earth will worship him,.quot; (Revelation 13:78).

Together, these two individuals will not onlybe a political machine, but combine a double dose of military power with convincing religiousauthority. That combination of religion and politics will be so overpowering that it willalter the landscape of world government, politics, worship and faith worldwide. Even atheistswill become religious converts by seeing miracles of biblical proportions not seen since thedays of Elijah the prophet. Now can you imagine the impact of seeing powerful,verifiable miraclesé It would be hard not to believe when you see it with your own eyes. Once this impressive authority is established,these two men they will have the power to

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