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End Times Prophetic Prophecy

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Several Catholic End Time Prophecies

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled. On this program I would like to respond to a letter I received from Jeff in New York, and Jeff writes: quot;Dear Mister Tapley, I stumbled upon your postings recently on YouTube, and was quite interested in your insights on the current state of America, as well as the world during these darkening days.

I was rather surprised that you were a Catholic, as such I would imagine that you have some familiarity with Marian prophecy over the past 100 years, particularly from Fatima and Medjugorje, but it is not the final Apocalypse mentioned in Daniel and Revelation.quot; Well, I admit, the final Apocalypse will come at the end of the Millennium,

but the two punishments which we are facing very soon, are mentioned in both Daniel and Revelation. And Jeff continues: quot;Furthermore, Padre Pio stated that the final judgement would not come until around the year 2500. What are your comments on this matter, and which of the two punishments do you think are upon usé

For sure, there is one coming, of that there is no doubt.quot; Well, I agree with you Jeff, there are punishments coming, but actually there are 3 punishments upon mankind, as described in the Book of Revelation. The last punishment is at Judgement which comes a 1000 years after Armageddon.

I am sure that is the judgement which Padre Pio is talking about, although I think it will occur closer to the year 3000, rather than 2500. The second punishment we are facing will be Armageddon, which occurs in the year 2017. Now I have calculated that on other programs as being 70 years from the date

that Israel was proclaimed a state by the United Nations in November 1947. This coincides with a date from Revelation where the great star which falls from heaven unleashes a plague of locusts which lasts for 5 months (Rev. 9:111) The great star is Martin Luther. The date he posted his theses

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