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Brent Miller Sr The Final Prophecies

Hello Kevin Clarkson here. Inviting you to be with us at our Pikes Peak property summit this June seventeen eighteen and nineteen. In lovely Colorado Springs. We have a wonderful jam packed three days for you with over twenty prophecy specialists and speakers. Let me give you a couple of three highlights it'll be there. On Friday night we're going to see a premier screening. Of the Samaritan it's the true story in film. Of the Romanian communist regime. And how that came to fall. By the influence of Christians there in the land. It's by director Kevin. McAfee who will be with us live and in person and then on Saturday we have Bob core nuke with us.

Who will be discussing his possible location for the temple that is a new site. Being proposed. This would change everything. In the Middle East. And then finally on Sunday we wrap it up with a great rapture debate. We have a pretty tree of rapture in a post read rapture specialist who will go head to head and we will take place. I hope you'll be there where this is going to be a great conference. So you there. Thank you for joining us a property in the news I'm your host Kevin Clarkson. Here today with my friend Bret Miller Hello sir. It's a pleasure being back with you thank you. It is really good to be here with you and. You've made Christian documentaries. That have I think been recognized for their effectiveness.

And what I'd like to talk with you about today is really how we can share Christ. More and more in an unbelieving. Can we say a postmodern some would say post Christian. World right. To the world. The world is turning away from from key words that if you so much as mention scripture. Bible God Jesus. They turn away and walk away. So the difficulty has been. How do you witness to people anymore. And that's the challenge that we were. Faced with and that is the challenge. Every believer in Christian is faced with. When trying to witness to their unbelieving friends. I agree. And I'm a pastor as well as. You know working with this ministry. And it's a question I wake up with every day of my life. Bret. Because you know the time was when we lived in what someone's called an X.

To culture where we were Peter preaching at Pentecost and. We were preaching to people who though they may not be believers. They knew biblical concepts. They were sort of what I'd call prey of Angel Eyes. They understood these basic things and they were turned off by them. You just had to connect the dots for them. But today we're in what's called the next seventeen culture. And that's where Paul went to Athens and they said What is this babble talking about. And they invited him up to the Iraq ago. And there Paul presented the gospel and many of them mocked. But the Bible says if you believe.

And I think that that's part of that the peace of our of it was him today how do we reach the people I just described and how do we capture the gospel. In terms that they will relate to. Yeah. Paul. Paul is a good example I'm glad you brought that up he's an excellent example. For evangelize ing. He tried to become all things to all people. In terms of putting himself on an equal footing with them. Not being above them and not preaching to them. But being part of them saw what they saw. Tried to understand them. Before you open his mouth. Right. He also tells us in first Corinthians five twelve. And this is an interesting concept that. We are not to judge. Unbelievers. Because we ourselves were unbeliever some of them. We are to assist and help. Other believers.

You know who have fallen astray and are you know point out their faults and to help them get on the right path. Exactly but that's different. Unbelievers we are not to judge unbelievers and I think that is the fairy first obstacle we came across. When you want to present the gospel. To unbelievers. If unbelievers will first see you being a Christian. As somebody who has this. Holier than thou attitude while you're going to judge me. Because a lot of Christians will do that they'll start out by saying well you shouldn't do that or that. You know it directly or indirectly that is somewhat judging. What you need to do is remember. Your goal is to present. The good news the gospel. It is God's word and it's a plan of salvation. It's to allow us to be free to follow Christ.

God Instantly Downloaded the Entire Bible into Richard Booker Sid Roths Its Supernatural

Is there a supernaturaldimension, a worldbeyond the one we knowé Is there life after deathé Do angels existé Can our dreams contain messagesfrom Heavené Can we tap into ancient secretsof the supernaturalé Are healing miracles realé Sid Roth has spent over 35 yearsresearching the strange world of

the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition ofIt's Supernatural. Applause Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it'snaturally supernatural. My guest, some 40 years ago, wason a fast track in his career and all of a sudden God invadedhis living room, flattened him to the floor and instantlydownloaded in picture form the

stories of the Bible as if hewas there. And he said that very few of theEnd Time views of what's going to happen in the last days arecorrect because they don't understand the Jew and Israel,and once you do, it's simple. Applause I protest. Why do I protesté Because Richard Booker hadsuch a supernatural experience

with God. Richard walked down the aisle asa Southern Baptist, but then got enmeshed in his career,Occidental Petroleum. You were a top executive. You were on a fast track and allof a sudden almost out of the blue he gets an insatiablehunger. Now remember, all he knows is hewalked down the aisle and he believes the Gospel, but that'son the side burner.

And all of a sudden he's hungryfor God. So tell me about the day thatGod answered that hunger. Richard: You know Sid, God is sowonderful and I didn't have a Bible, but I was supposed to, Iwas invited to go to a Bible study by my business friends, soI had to go to something called a Christianbookstore and get a Bible. And I came home, and I startedreading Leviticus. Doesn't everybodyé

Sid: That's enough to stop youright in the tracks. Richard: But you know, the devilkeeps people out of Leviticus because that's the motherlode ofthe Gospel in the First Testament. But anyway, I started readingLeviticus. Then I started studying it. I'm educated. I know how to study.

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