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End Times Prophecy 2017

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70 Weeks of Daniel and the COMING of Elijah He appears before June 7 2017

Hey, I want to discuss the 70 weeks of Daniel's prophecy. There are 3 people prophesied of in this prophecy. First is Mashiyach Nagiyd.Mashiyach simply means anointed. Nagiyd means leader, prince, captain, or ruler. So number one Mashiyach Nagiyd.An anointed leader. Second is Mashiyach. This guy is an anointedone. We can say he is the Anointed one. I think we all know who that is. The third is a Nagiyd. He's not Mashiyach.He's not anointed at all. He's just a

Nagiyd, a leader of some sort. You can probablyfigure out who that is too. Now let's get into the study. Revelation End Time Hey this is George Chuang. Now most peoplewill say there are 2 people prophesied of in Daniel's prophecy, Jesus and the antichrist.Now I'm going to show you how I break it down. I believe this prophecy is a lot moredetailed than what most people think. Isaac Newton would also agree and I'll get intothat a little later. Now in the end it'll all unfold and you just have to adjust your end time calendar.

Now I'm going to show you it's actually3 people in Daniel's 70week prophecy. Before we start there are 2 Hebrew words that weneed to know. The first is Mashiyach. It simply means anointed. The King James bible translates Mashiyach as anointed 37 times in the Old Testament and two times as Messiah. And those2 times are in this prophecy. They really should have just stayed with anointed becausethat's how it's translated everywhere else. That's what it means, anointed. But by translating it as Messiah in this prophecy it kind of creates confusion. The NKJ and NASB also translate mashiyachas Messiah in Daniel but they sometimes have a footnote at the bottom that says, means anointed.

So what is Mashiyaché All things that areanointed are Mashiyach. A priest serving in the tabernacle or templecould be mashiyach. Leviticus 4:16“The anointed (mashiyach) priest shall bring some of the bull's blood to the tabernacleof meeting.â€� The prophet Samuel said King Saul was mashiyach.David said concerning King Saul the same thing. David said,“The LORD forbid that I should stretch out my hand against the LORD's anointed (mashiyach).â€�David was mashiyach. King Cyrus who was a gentile was mashiyach.Isaiah 45:1 it says,

“Thus says the LORD to His anointed (mashiyach),To Cyrus, whose right hand I have held—quot; So when you see the word anointed, it's probablythe word mashiyach. But in the book of Daniel the translators translated mashiyach as Messiah.So people who read that think “Oh, this refers to the Messiah.â€� No, it refers to one who is anointed. Not necessarily Messiah Jesus. It just means anointed. The next word we need to know is nagiyd. Whatis a nagiydé A nagiyd is a leader, a ruler, a captain, or a prince. A nagiyd is not necessarilya king. But a king can be a nagiyd because a king does rule. He does lead the people. He can be the captain of an army. But a nagiyd really is just a leader of some sort.Now let's read this prophecy.

Daniel 9:24“Seventy weeks (or sevens) are determined For your people and for your holy city,To finish the transgression, To make an end of sins,To make reconciliation for iniquity, To bring in everlasting righteousness,To seal up vision and prophecy, And to anoint the Most Holy.� Now you can't get this part wrong. After70 weeks all these things will be fulfilled. These things have not been fulfilled yet.Just look at to seal up vision and prophecy. The apostle John was still giving propheciesin the book of Revelation long after Jesus

Paul McGuire Prophecies for the Future of America

gt;What's happening to Americaé Ihave a guest today who is going to talk about justexactly that. And his name is Paul McGuire. Paul, welcome toProphecy Watchers! gt;gt;Gary, a great blessing, thank you.gt;Good to have you here. You'vewritten a book I'm going to hold it uphere for our audience: quot;AProphecy of the Future of America20162017quot; is the title. America 20162017

I would say America is in acritical state right now.You've written a book about it. There are alot of people that are kind ofanxious and uncertain. You're coming atthis from a Biblical perspective. Let'stalk about the Biblical perspective of Americain 2016. gt;gt;Sure, Gary. I'd love to. quot;A Prophecy of theFuture of America 20162017quot; is a brandnew book.I have written another book a fewyears ago, but this isbrandnew,

and I was very concerned aboutthe years 2016, 2017 and 2018 becaue these years that we're in, as y about it before the program.There are so many things happening, whether it's theeconomic system, whether it is what's happening in Europe,terrorism, the loss of freedoms, thesurveillance of society,persecution of Christians, every day you turn something onin the news.

The destabilization of ourculture, race riots, I mean we're escalating.There's an acceleration, and some people say that's alwaysbeen happening. No, no. It'snever been happening like it is happening now. Mygreatest concern was we're about ready to makeall kinds of decisions which will lock us into certain programs of action that I think would beirreversible. But the other thing that concerns me is notso much a

theological debate of where isAmerica in prophecy, but Ireally believe America has a critical role toplay in God's endtime prophetic program. Not becausewe're the best nation or the goodestpeople or whatever, but becausewe're still with all our faults, the majorplatform of the gospel of Jesus Christ. So Ibelieve that as I was writing the book,the Lord kept impressing on my heart I want to you get intothe economic

system, which I dealt with inearlier books, but really getinto the economic system. I learned andrelearned a number of things about the economicsystem. Because the economic system is kind of a fabric thatholds the whole prophetic puzzles together. So tosummarize it, I would say youreally can't understand Bible prophecy. Atleast I believe you can'tunderstand Bible prophecy unless youunderstand the money system. Specifically, in America.

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