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End Times Pope Prophecy

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BBC Asteroid Impact Simulation End Of The World Predictions

A huge asteroid with a diameter of 500 Kilometer is going to impact on Earth! Destination: Pacific Ocean. The asteroid impact peels 10 kilometers crust off the surface of Earth. The resulting shockwave travels at hypersonic speed. The debris from the impact is blasted to the lower orbit of Earth, and they returns to destroy everything on the planet. The firestorm created by the asteroid impact encircles the Earth,

vaporizing everything in our world. Within 24 hours of asteroid impact, the entire Earth will be uninhabitable. The researchers have found that this scenario has happened 6 times in Earth's history.

The Last Pope Saint Malachys Prophecy and REVELATIONS

There is another seer, whos chilling predictions continue to echo down the centuries. He is Saint Malechy canonized in 1190 Malechy was a reforming catholic prelet born in armagh in 1094 On a visit to Rome he was struck by a vision. Before him appeard a series of latin phrases, identifying the 111 Popes who would rule the catholic church untill the end of time. He uttered 111 latin motos, which suppose to represent the nature, the name of destiny or the coat of arms of every Pope until judjment day Many of the phrases are considered too presice to be a result of chance

John the 23rd the 107th Pope in the prophesy is reffered to as Pastor et Nautam. Priest and sailor. Before becoming Pope in 1958 he was the Patriach of Venice. Paul the 6th is Flos Floram, flower among flowers. His coat of arms is a lilly among lilies. John Paul the 2nd who is called De la Boris Solis in the prophesy, which means the suns eclipse , the suns labor His the only Pontiff on the list, that was borned on an eclipse, and later entombed during an eclipse. An the 111th, the final Pope in the prophesy.The Gloria Olivia.From the glory of the olive. That's the current Benedict the 16th

At the end of the list Malechy has set to have uttered a final doom lateen phrase. this one unnumbered. During the final persecution,the seat of the holy Roman church will be occupied by Peter the Roman Who will feed the sheep in many tribulations, after which the seven hill city would be destroyed and the terrible judge will judge his people THE END Is Malechy describing the end of the catholic church or the end of the worldé Is Peter the Roman the last Pope who will follow the current Pontiff, Benedict the 16thé Some experts consider that since the moto is out numbered they are actually one and the same.

Saint Malechy claims that he had a spiritual experience one day and while at a trance, God showed him all of the Popes that would exist from his time untill the last Pope. Malechy was given a prophesy of of 112 Popes and in these 112 Popes they, were given signs, little clues as to the identity of each one. All 112. Well the writings of Malechy were stored away in a vault by one of the Popes for about 300 years, they didn't have printing presses in those days, so the possibility of circulating, the writings of Saint Malechy were very small but when Gunderburg invented the printing press, all of a sudden someone printed the prophesies of Saint Malechy and as the prophesies of Saint Malechy became to be known, people became very interested

and they started counting the Popes, well , several hundreds of years had passed by that time. However 112 total Popes from Saint Malechy to, the last Pope. Well what's in fact happening right now. Pope John Paul the 2nd, who just died in 2005 was the 110th Pope. no wonder interest in the prophesy of Saint Malechy are reviving right now When the cardinals came to Rome to elect the 111th Pope an article appeared out of India the day before the election a man said to the cardinals, you must elect a giant spiritual leader, you must elect a Pope that would appeal to young people, you must elect someone that can hold the church together

but he said there is one more thing you must pay attention too, when you elect the new Pope tomorrow in the Sistine chapel make sure you don't elect a Pope that has anything to do with the olive because the clue for the 111th Pope was quot;the glory of the olive What ever that means ,well the concray was held, the white smoke came out of the Sistine chapel chimney and the word we and out and we had hope. When the identy of the Pope was disclosed, it was cardinal Ratzinger of Germany and everybody thought , glory of the olives, it has nothing to do with it. I mean you never heard of a Ratzinger olive i'm sure. And so everybody thought surely not this does not have to do with anything even though he is the 111th Pope.

The Prophecy of St Malachy

bill and the next thing i wanna talk toyou about is not really a biblical prophecy but I still think have to talk to youabout because there was the mistake by thename of saint Malakai who lived back in the 11th century same outcome claims that he had aspiritual experience one day and wallet trance God showed himall the pope's that would exist from his time until the last

pope now like I was given a prophecy 112 pope's in these 112 pope's there were givensigns lead clues as to the identity each one all 112 willbe writings on Molokai were stored away ina vault I want the pope's for about threehundred years they did not printing press in those days so the possibility of circulating theride in the same molokai were very small

but when gutenberg in the printing pressall the sudden someone printed the process is the same knowledge and asthe prophecies a saint now I can begin to be known people became veryinterested and they started can the pope's wellseveral hundred years had passed by that time however 112 total popes from saintmaloguy to the last pope well what's intact happening right pope john paul

the secant who just died in 2005 was the one hundred 10th pope no wonder interest in the process is thesame molokai are reviving right now win the Cardinals came to Rome to elect the 111 pope an article appeared I love India the day before the electionarm and said to the Cardinals you must elect a giant spiritual leaderyou must select

a pope can appeal to young people youmust elect someone that can hold the churchtogether but he said there's one more thing you must pay attention to when you electthe new pope tomorrow in the Sistine Chapel make sure youdon't elect a pope that has anything to do with the olive because the clue full 111 pope was the glory on the island whatever thatmeans

well the Conclave was held the white smoky now the sistine chapelchimney and the word went out we have a popewhen the identity of the pope was disclosed it was karnal Ratzinger as Germany and everybodythought glory of the olive has nothing to do with it I mean neverheard Ratzinger olive I'm sure and so everybody thought surelynot this this does nothing to do with anythingeven though he's the

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