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Prince Dies Churches Burn Get the Message

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I'm your host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and theCo Prophet of these End Times. As I'm sure you probably know by now, there was a tremendous fire at an Orthodox Church in New York City on Easter Sunday andwhat is amazing is that three other Orthodox churches burned on the exactsame day: one in New York City, as I mentioned this one, two in Australia and one in Russia! When things like that happen that is not a coincidence. It was eitherterrorism, which a lot of people are

speculating on, or it was an act of God!I believe it was a sign from Almighty God and I have been telling you for weeks andmonths on here of the significance of Pope Francistaking the daily sacrifice away from the prince and that this is the firstabomination of desolation of these end times. So, let's review the time sequenceas I remember it. Seven or eight years ago here on YouTube, I warned that theFalse Prophet would take the daily sacrifice away from the prince duringEaster week of 2014 and I specified Palm Sunday. Well, as it turned out, itoccurred eight days later on

Easter Monday. Well, what happenedé Pope Francis telephoned a woman inArgentina who is married to a divorced man outside the church and told her thatshe could receive communion. This is against the entire two thousandyearrules of the Catholic Church. This is against what Jesus said: quot;do not give thatwhich is holy to the dogsquot;. Saint Paul said: quot;if you eat and drink the body andthe blood of our Lord unworthily you are guilty of the body and the blood of our Lordquot;. This event was very significant and I told you at the time that it was. And

what happened three days lateré Threedays later Almighty God knocked over this gigantic crucifix. So what is thesymbolism of those datesé Well, the crucifix was knocked over on the 24th of Nisan and three days after Pope Francis allowed that woman to receivecommunion. This is a direct fulfillment of Daniel chapter 10, verse number 3. Let me read that passage for you: quot;I ateno desirable bread and neither flesh nor wine entered into my mouth (that is theHoly Eucharist that Daniel is prophesying about, that is the daily sacrifice) neither was I anointed with oil (that refers to

Pope Francis, he is an interloper. He is not anointed with oil, he is still a Cardinal) till the days of three weeks were fulfilledquot;.Now, that three weeks is symbolic. In this case it was three days. Three days afterPope Francis made that phone call that gigantic statue was tipped over and wesee that in Daniel chapter 10, verse number 4, quot;and on the 24th day of thefirst month I was by the great riverquot; and this is when Daniel has his vision following the three weeks of fasting; the three weeks when the daily sacrifice istaken away from the prince. The 24th day of the first month in 2014 was April 24th when that gigantic crucifix was

knocked over. So now, let's fast forward two years, April 21st, 2016, and that pop star, Princedied. That made headlines around the world and I told you the significance of that event. That was Almighty God taking the life away from the prince. That was the second anniversary of Pope Francis taking thedaily sacrifice, that is, the life of the Eucharist, away from the Prince of Peace.And a few weeks before that, there was another very significant event. Pope Francis issued his apostolic exhortation, Amoris Laetitia, and he hid a little

Be the Bee 61 What is Orthodox Christianity

Hey everybody this is Steve, and accordingto some, Orthodox Christianity is one of the world'sbestkept secrets. So what exactly is Orthodoxyé Well this is a complex and rich question thatwe can talk about in lots of different ways. We can talk about our beliefs, our history,the way we act. We'll get to a lot of that later, but to startlet's focus on the basic Christian message. So, what is Orthodoxyé What is the Churché Well, the Church is life.

The basic message of the Church is the Gospel. The Greek word for Gospel is quot;Evangelionquot;which means Good News. As Father Thomas Hopko puts it in one of hisamazing Ancient Faith Podcasts that you should totallylisten to: quot;Gospel is a technical term which is the goodnews proclaimed by a sovereign, by a lord, by a king, to hissubjects.quot; The Good News is a message of victory, that God our King has defeated His enemiesand that we as people are safe.

The enemies that threaten us are injustice,sin, suffering, the things that limit joy, extinguish light,and life. In other words, the enemy is death. In the book of Genesis we read about God creatingthe Heavens and the Earth, the plants and the animals, the whole universe. And every time God made something, He saidthat quot;it is good.quot; So it's not just bad, it's terrible when goodthings come to an end. The problem is that the universe, and thateverything in it,

exists under the shadow of death. Every sunrise inevitably ends the sunset. Every life that begins in the womb inevitablyends in the tomb. We walk, as Psalm 22 says, quot;through the valleyof the shadow of death.quot; We're trapped in this vicious cycle wheresin separates us from God, who is the source of life, and brings deathinto the world. And death with the limitations and fears thatit causes actually brings more sin into the world.

This shadow is shattered by the proclamationof the Gospel. The shadow of death is utterly destroyed bythe light and life of Christ. And this changes the way we see everything. Death, the fundamental problem of our existence,this thing that has inspired so much terror and fear over theyears, has finally been crushed. quot;He will swallow up death forever, and theLord God will wipe away tears from all faces.quot; By His death, Christ has trampled down death. And we don't need to be afraid anymore.

It's one of the reasons we filmed last week'sepisode in a cemetery. I mean, death just isn't scary anymore. That's because this life that God has givenus isn't simply some future reality, something we believe will come one day. It'ssomething we experience right now. As Saint John the Baptist preached: quot;The Kingdomof Heaven is at hand.quot; This means that the Kingdom isn't simply comingin the future, it's here right now. We are living members of the Living Body ofChrist. Living in a world that is being lifted up,transformed into God's everlasting kingdom.

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