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End Times Orcs And Goblins

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Warhammer FB Loriels High Elves 89th battle vs Vampire Counts 8th

Al right! Once again we are about to start 2400 points Warhammer Fantasy Battle match High Elves vs. Vampire Counts My opponent plays first time ever He plays with my Vampire Counts army and with army list that I have done also So if list is awfull you can blame me 😉 Lets start with deployment

3 x Vargheist Goblin wolf proxies Direwolfs. My own direwolfs are at home apparently Varghulf 40 x Grypt Ghouls 30 x Grave Guards with Great Weapons and full command Joined by Level 4 Vampire Lord Lord knows Invication of Nehek, Danse Macabre, Hellish Vigour . and Curse of Years Behind it is Necromancer riding a corpse cart

Necromancer know Invication of Nehek and Gaze of Nagash Corpse cart also has balefire, the one that reduces opponents mages powers Over here is some random hordes Some skeleton warriors, Zombies and Hexwraith unit I realized that we didn't do vanguards On the High Elven side, 14 x Silver Helms Joined by mounted BSB

10 x Sisters of Averlorn My opponent has SLR camera, so he will take some better quality pictures Great Eagle 15 x White Lions 25 x Phoenix Guard Full Command 15 x Sword Masters 30 x Spearmen Full Command Joined by Life Archmage

He knows Earthblood, Flesh to Stone, Throne of Vines . Dwellers from belowé dweller, something like that 😉 Dragon Princes and Reavers, without vanguards Due the first game for my opponent we decided that terrain isn't magical Forest, two settlement and mystical stuff was replaced with impassable stones My opponent placed very interesting forest in the middle River (or pond), building Tower

and impassable statue Lets not roll for starting player yet. We will do vanguards first Vanguards are done My opponent Mikko quot;the Fearquot; won the first vanguard move So the wolves came forward Reavers moved 22 inch away from vargheist to invoke frenzy tests Hexwraiths came to pond Lets roll for starting player

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