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Why Fox News AntiObama Strategy is Failing

boxes channels to try to get peopleexcited about three scandals that president on one and some of them have legitimacy uh.now uh. i think the i_r_s_ candles fascinating though they had keywords but are too conservative groups uh. certainly a lot of militant ianthat he p and even fox news uh. reporter investigations by thejust the four men

the criticism of obama administrationthere is very valid they should not have called a jay rosenof fox news a coconspirator an internet better to acrime just because he did journalism should be rewarded for doing curls abouttelevision summit almost never exist anymore uh. but of course of our ministryshould has no uh. interest in real journals and theyjust want their side to come out

uh. does a separate given bushadministration which in this region with similar but honestly obama nutrition isalittle further now also boxes so it's not the end ofthis error despite all of this they can't get president mama's approval of mr lu now in doubt this all around fortypercent which is where they were pre any of the scandals

in p ordered fifty two percent above thefifty percent mark and they won't move and fox's nothing there have a lotwalkable and i'll tell you what boxes shipmentthis bill would require approx you keep criticize the president's foreverything he has bergeron heat that it should be in your car so ican a billion dollars a two billion dollarseleven number they made up assault mendacious solomon dickey lewis

here they are again every day they'vegot to criticize the president right or wrong so today they're gonna criticize them for going to help the victims of superstores damien newjersey and a tornado in oklahoma it takes some imagination to figure outhow to criticize the president on this let's see what they are the presidency

at mascot live despite the criticscannot rocking the administration of congress in recess the white house andwe can use this week as should focus on point ananth i'm pretty sure that he'dmade that's been around that the jersey shore sixties kinda get people's attention off thethree scandals but let me remind there's a dot c does the i_r_s_ and there's the farmersjustice

Jeff Hancock 3 types of digital lies

Translator: Joseph GeniReviewer: Morton Bast Let me tell you, it has been a fantastic month for deception. And I'm not even talking about the American presidential race. (Laughter) We have a highprofile journalist caught for plagiarism, a young superstar writer whose book involves so many made up quotes that they've pulled it from the shelves; a New York Times exposé on fake book reviews. It's been fantastic.

Now, of course, not all deception hits the news. Much of the deception is everyday. In fact, a lot of research shows that we all lie once or twice a day, as Dave suggested. So it's about 6:30 now, suggests that most of us should have lied. Let's take a look at Winnipeg. How many of you, in the last 24 hours think back have told a little fib, or a big oneé How many have told a little lie out thereé All right, good. These are all the liars.

Make sure you pay attention to them. (Laughter) No, that looked good, it was about two thirds of you. The other third didn't lie, or perhaps forgot, or you're lying to me about your lying, which is very, very devious. (Laughter) This fits with a lot of the research, which suggests that lying is very pervasive. It's this pervasiveness, combined with the centrality to what it means to be a human, the fact that we can

tell the truth or make something up, that has fascinated people throughout history. Here we have Diogenes with his lantern. Does anybody know what he was looking foré A single honest man, and he died without finding one back in Greece. And we have Confucius in the East who was really concerned with sincerity, not only that you walked the walk or talked the talk,

but that you believed in what you were doing. You believed in your principles. Now my first professional encounter with deception is a little bit later than these guys, a couple thousand years. I was a customs officer for Canada back in the mid'90s. Yeah. I was defending Canada's borders. You may think that's a weapon right there. In fact, that's a stamp. I used a stamp to defend Canada's borders. (Laughter)

Very Canadian of me. I learned a lot about deception while doing my duty here in customs, one of which was that most of what I thought I knew about deception was wrong, and I'll tell you about some of that tonight. But even since just 1995, '96, the way we communicate has been completely transformed. We email, we text, we skype, we Facebook. It's insane. Almost every aspect of human communication's been changed,

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