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Seven Trumpets Sounds of Revelation Explained 2016 End Times Bible Prophecies

I would just like to add something now regarding the apocalyptic events following 'The Four Horsemenquot;. Remember I said that these . . . worldwide catastrophes get worse. If we go by my interpretation of 'The Four Horsemen', they progressively get worse and worse. And I speculate that the Christian persecution, which is mentioned at the end of Chapter 6 of Revelation . . .

that if we follow the pattern . . . we are looking at up to 100 million before the next seal is broken (that being the megathrust earthquake, which will be even worse). But then, Revelation 8, now, we are talking about a volcanic eruption in Revelation

Chapter 8. And one that would cause that much devastation that it would affect the entire world and cause the death count to be in excess of 100 million, we can only be talking about a super eruption here. So it's not far fetched at all, what I have said about Yellowstone. It's the supervolcano that is overdue a super eruption,

It's an active volcano, there's a volcano mentioned in Revelation Chapter 8, and it's one of the end time apocalyptic events. So . . . yeah. And they get worse; they get worse. So I'm pretty sure that's what we are talking about here. A volcano in Revelation, to be worthy of the Book of Revelation, it would have to be a super eruption.

And it will affect one third part of the world, the seas, the ships, the sky. And all of this is just so reminiscent of a super eruption. It all sounds very much like the effects of a super eruption. So that's what we are talking about there. There's a volcano mentioned in Revelation, and considering what's already been with the horsemen,

it's got to be a super eruption, hasn't ité No volcanic eruption, just a standard volcanic eruption, would cause that much devastation. So I have done a bit more research on the super eruption of Yellowstone, and what that would mean for mankind, and what's interesting is all of North America would be devastated.

Preview Undeniable Proof Messiah is Coming Soon

Today we want to talk about the end ofevil and the end of suffering on this earth i think that is a generally a goodthing if you've experienced evil and injustice if you've seen war especiallyand terrorism I think you would gladly welcomed theend of evil if however you're on the other side andyou are perpetrating terrorism and evil and injustice

obviously this is terrible news for you so what is good news to one becomes badnews to others and what we get right now is a window of opportunity to decidewhich side were on we can decide whether we're going tochoose to go the wrong way after hearing this if you realize that it's the wrong wayand you stay then there is at the end of thatjudgment for those who do evil and that would have to include asset wereinvolved in evil

unfortunately but if we change our wayand if we seek God with an earnest heart and follow his son whose name is Jesusthen the end is a very good thing for us alright so the person who will bring anend to evil on this earth is called the Messiah that's who he is the Messiah the Christin Greek the Messiah in Hebrew the anointed one of the Savior in English that's his role the coming of Messiahoriginally meant the destruction of tyrants and terrorists of corruptleaders and evil dictators

that's originally the understanding thatthe Jewish people had in fact they were so convinced of this that when Jesusrefuse to top of the Roman government immediately and refuse to do away withwhat everybody agreed was a wicked and tyrannical government system then theywere so disappointed they actually even killed him and Judas one of the twelvewho follow him closely and knew his miraculous working power just thought nice that you're healing people niceyour opening line dies nice that you're raising people from theday but you're not really doing the job

of the Messiah can you understand that now two thousandyears later Christians have changed the meaning of the coming of Messiah to meanthe bringing of peace now when we think of Jesus Christ we can only think of him bring bringinglove joy and peace into our lives and the very idea that he would bringjudgment and correction and he would level outyou know the in justices of this world he would eradicate it

he would deal with it that very idea hasalmost become foreign to who Jesus is but the original meaning of who Jesus ishas never changed and he still is coming back to right the wrongs now it's true on a personal level thatJesus brings peace by us doing chuva which is the Hebrew word for repentingand believing in his name his name is Yeshua Jesus by us doing to Shuba we have peace with God we are reconciledour sins have been forgiven say with me all my sins are forgiven youneed to be convinced of that

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