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End Times Lore Warhammer

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Warhammer The End Times Vermintide review in a minute

Coop action games are a lot of fun when doneright. Vermntide does is correctly by immersing you with its terrific atmosphere, fantasticmusic and humorous dialogue. And because of the branching level design, and hidden collectables,which enhance the looting system, you will replay levels multiple times. Add satisfyingmelee combat to the mix and you get a very enjoyable game.The loot system is completely random which does encourage you to try the 5 differentclasses but can be annoying if you to focus on any particular one. The game offers 9 typesof enemies as well as 13 levels which take between 15 and 40 minutes to complete.Something that should have stayed in the beta

are the gameplay affecting bugs, such as gettingstuck in spectator mode or players flying off the level. Quite a few people, myselfincluded, experience full CPU usage even with processor intensive options turned off. Andwhile not having single player or LAN isn't ideal, losing all progress from the currentlevel as soon as the host disconnects is incredibly frustrating.Overall Fatshark have a great game on their hands and while there are problems the studioseem to be invested in at least solving them.

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