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End Times Lizardmen

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David Icke Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati Part 12

NARRATOR: For as long as I canremember, I've had an interest in what some peoplecondescendingly term conspiracy theory. You see, I was born November 22,the anniversary of John F Kennedy's assassination. And every year on my birthdaythere's been televised specials on practically everychannel talking about magic

bullets, grassy knolls, othershooters, as well as CIA, FBI, and mafia involvement. Even by the age of 10this spoke to me. And, of course, there were UFOs,the Illuminati, occult Nazis, organized satanicnetworks, faked moon landings and CIA mind control programs. Hell, even if this isall bullshit, it was fun to read about.

It was in 2000 that I firstdiscovered David Icke's book, quot;The Biggest Secret.quot; In ithe writes about a global conspiracy. A hidden hand manipulatinghumanity's destiny through the shadows using those whoseem to be in power. And the goal of theseshadow peopleé Nothing less than an Orwellianglobal super state with total

control at the hands ofan ancient reptilian shapeshifting race. So we took a ferry to the Isleof Wight to spend the day with David Icke, Britain's leadingconspiracy evangelist, and the one man standing between usand total enslavement. NARRATOR: Hey! DAVID ICKE: Ah. NARRATOR: Mr. Icke.

DAVID ICKE: Kev, niceto meet you. NARRATOR: Nice to meet you. DAVID ICKE: Good tripé NARRATOR: Yes. Yes. It was. DAVID ICKE: Welcometo my abode. There's not much to see,but I like it.

NARRATOR: What havewe got hereé DAVID ICKE: Well, this is thingsthat I've collected over the years. This is fantastic. Someone in Hawaii actuallypainted this. This is what the painting is. This is the original of thefront cover of my last book, quot;Human Race Get Off Your Knees:The Lion Sleeps No

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