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End Times Like Days Of Noah

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Jesus Teachings The Days of Noah and Lot

Hi! I'm training to be an end time survivor. I'm trying to listen and learnso I can live. Jesus warned about end times. He compared them tothe time of Noah and Lot. God killed many people at that time. But whyé The Bible says their thoughts were evil. People say it was atheism and sex sins. But Jesus said something different.

He said they were marrying. I love you more than anything,you're my reason for living. I know. Nothing is more important than usand our family. They were buying and selling. Help. Start a business if you want money. I want to help, but money doesn't grow on trees. Yes, the world needs money.We're going to the next shop.

They were eating and drinking. Do you want to see what Noah is buildingé Not now. I don't want to be late for dinner. It was like this in Lot's time too. They were planting. Hi Abraham. Can you give food for the orphansé How much will you pay for ité

God wants you to do it for love. I can't pay for things with love. They were building. Hi Abraham. Can you help builda house for the pooré I'm too busy building this mall.Maybe later. Lot! Where are you goingé Look at the sky!It's time to go!

But we can't leave our stuff… Why was Jesus' answer differenté He talked about normal things. Not atheism or sex sins. Jesus was famous for being different. Look at these sins! They're terrible! People who do this will go to hell.

Wait! These things can be sins too! Whatever. Jesus often taught differentlythan others. What comes from your mouthis more important than what goes in. World leaders want special treatment,but the greatest people are the servants. Love your enemies,and be nice to people who hurt you. Do you want to know moreéHere is a parable from Jesus: There was a king who had a party.

Noah Movie HD Official Full Version

♪♪♪ (Ray Comfort) Do you believe there's a man named Noah, like in the Bibleé The Bible Noah, no,I do not believe he existed. (Ray Comfort) So, you don't think he built an arké No, no, I'm very comfortablewith my atheism, but I support myths. (Ray Comfort) Do you think God sent a flood and drowned the whole worldé No. You don'té No.

(Ray Comfort) If he had, would it have been fair to do soé No, why would he do thaté (Ray Comfort) Well, the Bible says because the heart of man was corrupt, his imaginations were continually evil, and there was great wickedness and violence on the earth. Do you think that's justification for wiping out the whole of humanity except for Noah and his familyé

No. Noah, born over2,700 years B.C. was a shipbuilderand a prophet of the century. Many think of Noah and the ark as a story from the past, but did you know that according to Jesus, the events surrounding the life of Noah are directly related to youé Jesus said, quot;As in the days of Noah,

so shall it be withthe coming of the Son of Man.quot; In other words, the thingsthat happened in Noah's day will be similar to the thingsthat are going to happen during the timereferred to in the Bible as the end of the age. In a moment,you're going to see clearly that the end of the ageis happening now. But of all the signs,

the one prevalent thing that happened in Noah's day was that people who knew right from wrong chose to ignore Noah's warning of God's coming judgment. Such is the wayof the 21st century. (Ray Comfort) Do you think there was a man named Noah, like in the Bibleé I did for a long time.I don't right now. I believethere was a man named Noah. (Ray Comfort) Do you think he built an arké

I'm pretty surethat that's kind of a story. (Ray Comfort) Do you think there was a man named Noah, like in the Bibleé There's a lotof great stories about it. (Ray Comfort) Do you believe there was a man named Noahé I believe at one time, there was very likelya man named Noah. Whether or not he was a biblicalfigure and swallowed by a whale, I find it statistically difficult to believe

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