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End Times Islam 2015

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REVOLUTION Israel Islam and the Gospel Teaching by Joel Richardson

so the purpose of this message tonight I'm actually really excited about it is to look at a very specific prophesy of Isaiah chapter 19 and how many peoplehave really poured into this this chapter very muchreally throughout the whole room just a handful I'm convinced that Isaiah 19 is one of the most important

strategic prophecies for this hour that the majority of the churchis not paying attention to the body messiahs not looking at and I'mconvinced that it's beginning to be fulfilled in a waythat is um discernible in which we need to pay attention to and so I wanna look atsome of these things it's a beautiful prophecy it culmenates in a incredibly beautiful way and I think it'll be an encouragement toy'all

so the passage begins Isaiah 19verse 1: it says the Oracle concerning Egypt behold the Lord is riding on a swiftcloud and he is coming to Egypt now it beginswith this this motif of the Lord coming on a cloudas we'll see look at a few verses this is a a motif that is then picked up by Daniel the prophet as well as Jesushimself and then in the book a

Revelation and it becomes a classic a motif of the return of Jesus of thecoming of Yeshua except here it says he's coming to Egyptand it says the idols of Egypt will tremble at his presence the heart of theEgyptians will melt within them so we begin with this classic end time eschatological language in this setsthe context for the rest of the a of the chapter thechapter ends with six reoccurrences of in that day

in that day in that day which is alsovery um scholars will you know talk abouthow this is clear as eschatological language it speaks of the age messiah or thetime that's leading up to the day of the Lord all of the biblical prophets are essentially articulating a very dayof the Lord and in kingdom of God centered messagetheir prophesying through the events of

their day or near to their day but they're ultimatelypointing to the day the Lord in the establishment of the kingdom of God onthe earth that's the context that they're allreally focusing on so we go to the next a oh I'm sorry so here's just you knowone example I went up a and interviewed Walter Kaiser junior he'sover in a North Milwaukee really a living legendtoday among old testament Biblical scholars and I was kinda like okay Isaiah nineteen eschatological or not

What Happens At The End Of Ramadan

Around the world Muslims will be marking theend Ramadan in a celebration known as Eid AlFitr. First of all it should be noted that Eid AlFitris distinct from Eid AlAdha a completely different Islamic religious holiday. EidAl Fitr is actually one of the biggestfestivals in the Islamic Calendar, marking the end of Ramadan the month long, sunriseto sunset ritual fasting. This period of Eid revolves around huge feasts,special prayers and celebrations. It is also customary for Muslims to donate a percentageof their annual income to charity during this

time. The date that Eid AlFitr falls on is actuallydetermined by the first sighting of a new moon. This day is also known as the firstday of Shaww�l or the tenth month of the Islamic calendar. And it might be worth notingthat unlike the Gregorian calendar, the Islamic calendar follows a lunar cycle, which explainswhy Eid isn't celebrated on the same day every year. Around a billion Muslims worldwide observeRamadan and Eid AlFitr as a way of commemorating the first revelation of the holy Quran tothe Prophet Mohammad.

On a more personal level, Ramadan signifiesa time for reflection. And it's believed that fasting allowing Muslims a chance todistance themselves from temptation so they can focus on God. While Eid AlFitr, is traditionallya day of thanksgiving, where Muslims can express and celebrate their gratitude to Allah. Eid is celebrated in many distinct and variedways across the world. Some exchange gifts of clothes or sweets and many attend partiesor family gatherings. But for the majority of muslims, the day'sfestivities usually start at home.

Muslims typically start the day before sunrise,with a bath to cleanse the body. Then, wearing their finest clothes, they eata sweet breakfast prepared in honor of the Prophet Muhammad who used to eat somethingsweet before offering his prayers. Which is usually what comes next. After breakfast Muslims attend mosque to heara special Salat or Islamic prayer for Eid AlFitr. After prayers are over, most muslimsaround the world will gather together for a party and evening feast.And if you want to know how to wish someone a Blessed Eid you can use the customary greeting,Eid Mub�rak.

To learn more about Mecca, the holiest placein Islam, check out our tutorial here. And don't leave before you hit that subscribe buttonbecause we don't want you to miss a single episode. Thanks for watching!.

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