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End Times Iran Nuclear Deal

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The President Holds a Press Conference on the Nuclear Deal with Iran

The President: Goodafternoon, everybody. Yesterday wasa historic day. The comprehensive, longtermdeal that we achieved with our allies and partners toprevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon representsa powerful display of American leadershipand diplomacy. It shows what we canaccomplish when we lead from a position of strength and aposition of principle, when

we unite the internationalcommunity around a shared vision, and we resolve tosolve problems peacefully. As I said yesterday, it'simportant for the American people and Congress to get afull opportunity to review this deal. That process isnow underway. I've already reached out toleaders in Congress on both sides of the aisle.

My national security teamhas begun offering extensive briefings. I expect the debate to berobust and that's how it should be. This is an important issue. Our national securitypolicies are stronger and more effective when they aresubject to the scrutiny and transparency thatdemocracy demands.

And as I said yesterday, thedetails of this deal matter very much. That's why our team workedso hard for so long to get the details right. At the same time, as thisdebate unfolds, I hope we don't lose sight of thelarger picture the opportunity that thisagreement represents. As we go forward, it'simportant for everybody to

remember the alternative andthe fundamental choice that this moment represents. With this deal, we cut offevery single one of Iran's pathways to a nuclearprogram a nuclear weapons program, and Iran's nuclearprogram will be under severe limits for many years. Without a deal, thosepathways remain open; there would be no limits on Iran'snuclear program, and Iran

could move closerto a nuclear bomb. With this deal, wegain unprecedented, aroundtheclock monitoringof Iran's key nuclear facilities and the mostcomprehensive and intrusive inspection and verificationregime ever negotiated. Without a deal, thoseinspections go away, and we lose the ability to closelymonitor Iran's program and detect any covertnuclear weapons program.

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