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End Times In Bible Verses

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End Times Scripture vs Climate Robert Hunziker

welcome back to world news now when oneof our articles gets huge hits on you k progressive magazine or sisterpublication you know obviously touches a number of new york said yesterday weposted article entitled and times scripture verses club and the readersresponded enthusiastically its authors robert hunter freelancewriter for dozens of progressive publications including heroin u_k_progressives e magazine in these times apopka european project and oceanacidification helped by wall street progressive radionetwork in the huffington post

and i'm robert returns to the show for arecord fifty time he's an activist invited writer of his personal missionis to simplify the problem in essays and articles based upon his research at thescience so he can address the horrors of climate change without the circumspectrequired scientists lose the public's attentionunderstanding of the severity of the problem robinson who will go back to world view i am sorry for that

and doing well presented that wild what use and on so many different levels when youdefinitely definitely i'd navigated climate change it and times two issuesthat tend to bring up for a quick most wacko extremes and the one hand youhave the g_o_p_ is that the other side of scripture saying only god will endthe world so basically let's party now than they used cynically as cover fordrill baby drill both sides i decided

alarmed all that is very real and goeson he did and the media is not helping by giving the three percent whackos thatscience that unit has been proven three percent beside evil oxygen to the ninetyseven percent saying with scientific shirdi for the sky is falling what the hell is going on here well thank you basically did theinterview just covered everything baker ol you get all the bases but uh.what's going on here is not a blitzkrieg against gays i i had a a

in article political science for uh. by two professors aboutintimidated barker and it'd be good beers and uh. the title of the articles andtimes urology the shadow of the future and public resistance to addressingglobal wind of change that's a very catchy title catches yourattention for certain

antidumping in is part of theirresearch they found it uh. seventy six percent of republicansbelieve in the second comment and itself ako if that's the case you're never going to do anything evenif you have one hundred percent participation by all the democrats in the country about climate change and not only

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