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5 Simpsons Predictions Yet To Come TRUE

There are many different variations of thistopic on YouTube already, i'm a simpsons fan myself and thought i would put together someodd theories that relate to past simpsons episodes. Don't take this tutorial too seriously as I simply just connected the dots between simpsons episodes and events that are happening now. 5) Holographic Projection EntertainmentAlthough this isnt really a prediction its more of a prediction of an invention but it's still a possibility. In this episode titled holidays of futurepassed from the 23rd season the plot takes place in the future.It shows Bart living in a classroom in Springfield

elementary, it shows him watching a thirddimensional projected image which interacts with the rooms surroundings. While watchingan episode of itchy and scratchy you can see the blood splatter across the room even thoughthe blood is merely a hologram. This might actually become a possibility in the futureas we have seen much holographic use in the past few years this has ranged from performancesto communication. Some people even believe that some of Obama'sspeeches are holographic. In 2010 tech websites predicted that we wouldhave holographic TVs by 2017. As of today some TVs that use holographic displays but they are not quite as advanced as in The

Simpsons.Holographic technology has been around for 70 years but we still can't seem to make itas entertaining as seen in movies, this is simply because of the cost. At the momentit's mainly the scientific community looking into holographic technology and thereforenot much funding Is available. Even though there were predictions for 2017 right nowholographic technology doesn't look like it will be invented for even the next 5 years.We can only hope that a big company starts to fund it to boost production. 4) Machine UprisingIn this episode titled Them, robot from the

23rd season, Mr burns makes all employeesat the power plant take a drug test. After the tests are complete Mr burns lawyer informshim that the drug tests are quite costly so in response to this he replaces all power plant workers with robots this causes unemployment rates to reach an all time high. The onlyhuman left working there is Homer. Homer loses his mind trying to communicate with the robots because they do not respond to any interaction. Homer then accidentally breaks a robot and when trying to repair it he realises that they have an artificial intelligence function after this they become way too friendly so more modifications are made and this is when the machinestake over. Now this could become a high possibility

as within the past few months many companieshave decided to employee robots over humans. A McDonald's in phoenix Arizona has decidedto launch a restaurant run entirely by robots, after receiving a loss for nine years straightthe branch decided to cut some expenses so fired its employees and is now replacing themwith robots however a few human employees will remain to maintain the robots. The storeis planning to open on july 4th 2016. The McDonald's C.E.O also warned that all humans jobs will soon be replaced soon as it is cheaper than employing people on minimum wage. Also as of February 2016 car manufacture Mercedes Benz have replaced humans for robots on their assembly lines.

More and more companies from around the world have begun to replace humans for robots as it is much cheaper. So could a robot uprising be coming sooné 3) Donald Trump Becomes PresidentThis episode titled Bart to the future was released in 2000, it is the 17th episode ofthe 11th season. The Simpson family go to a casino, as Bartisn't allowed in because he is underage he tries to sneak in. He successfully sneaksin but gets caught immediately and is then sent into the officer of the owner. The ownerthen shows him his future and the rest of the episode takes place in the future.The future shows that Bart has become a pathetic

Babylon the Great The Caliph Antichrist Armageddon News

This is Armageddon News In this Broadcast, we'll discover the ancientMark of Satan's Kingdom, we'll find out who Babylon the Great really is, and we'll discoverwhy Turkey will be the Seat of the Antichrist. Good day. Many have long speculated, on whoBabylon the Great really is. Rome, has been the prime candidate for many, as well as NewYork. But neither of these, is the true Babylon. The Bible tells us, that this Babylon is aMystery to the World, but the Bible declares plainly, exactly where Mystery Babylon islocated. Its not the original Babylon in Iraq. Butyet its practices are identical to Babylon's.

The Babylonian Religious system, revolvedaround the worship of the Heavens. The Sun, Moon and Stars. The crescent and star symbol, is the verykey, not only to who Mystery Babylon is. But also to the identity of the Beast. The Crescent and Star is known, to be theSymbol of Islam. But these ancient and demonic symbols, were also the very symbols of BaalHamon.Baal, the ancient Mesopotamian false god, mentioned in the Bible. Who was worshippedtogether with Ashteroth the star goddess. These symbols, go all the way back to Nimrod,and Semiramis.

Semiramis was the wife of Nimrod, but shewas also his Mother. This disgusting Harlot, started all the falsereligions of the World. When God changed the people's languages and they stopped buildingNimrod's tower of Babel. This cult of Nimrod and Semiramis, continued to spread, into thosedivided nations. Most of which have a god, and goddess as the basis of their false religion,which began with Nimrod and Semiramis. Their cult went from one Empire to the next.In Egypt, there were called Osiris an Isis. In Assyria, Assur and Ishtar.In Babylon Bel and Belit. In Persia Mithra and Anahita.In Greece Helios and Artemis.

In Rome Apollo and Diana. Throughout the Bible, they are mainly calledBaal, and Ashteroth, the Queen of Heaven. In the book of Acts they are called Moloch,and Rephan. You even took along the tent of Moloch, thestar of your god Rephan, and the images you made in order to worship them. Acts 7:43 But throughout all their name changes, onething remained the same. The symbols by which these false gods, are identified. The Crescent,and Star. In Egypt, the Crescent and Star was carriedon the head, of Isis. And the Apis Bull also

carried the Sun Disk image of Isis, betweenhis Crescent shaped horns. And if you take a closer look, you can seethat the real Author of these symbols, is the Serpent. And he is the one receiving theworship through these symbols of the Crescent, and Star. The Bible tells us that the serpentis Satan. During Roman times, Semiramis was worshipedunder the name Diana. Diana's image was once again, the Crescent and Star of Islam. Andthey too bowed down, and worshipped her image, in the form of a meteorite, which fell fromheaven. Because the meteorite, depicted her astrological, Moon and Star image.

When the Apostles, tried to Minister to thepeople in Ephesus, . all of them with one voice, went on cryingout for about two hours, Great is Diana of Ephesus. Acts 19:34 And having quieted the crowd, the city clerksaid. quot;Men of Ephesus, for what man is there who does not know, that the city of the Ephesians,is the temple keeper, of the great goddess Diana, and of the image fallen from heaven.Acts 19:35 Clearly the image which fell from heaven,was a meteorite. And the worshippers of Diana, all worshiped her in the same way, by shoutingGREAT, GREAT, GREAT is Diana.

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