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World War 3 Predictions Is This The End For America

What are the top World War 3 predictions andscenarios in today's world that is facing economic collapse in many countries, the threatof ISIS, a rogue anticonstitutionalist American President in Barack Hussein Obama and VladimirPutin wanting to bring back the old Mother Russiaé Why don't we have an honest discussionabout that. Can weé The many conflicts in the world today in Ukraine,the Middle East including Israel, Africa and other parts of the globe, coupled with racialtension and a financial outlook that points to economic collapse of many nations includingGreece, Russia and the United States coming soon sets a world war 3 scenario that lookseerily similar to what happened leading up

to World War 1. With the world in chaos at the beginning of1914, on June 28 of that same year, a Serbian nationalist kills both AustroHungarian ArchdukeFranz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie and one month later AustriaHungary declares war onSerbia and for the rest of 1914 the world spirals out of control with one country afteranother declaring war on either Germany or AustriaHungary. So, what could be the catalyst or kindlingthat brings about such a worldwide conflict and plunges the world into total waré Leadingup to WW I it was an assassination that lead

to that eventual massive conflict. Could thesame thing happen todayé And what role will a weakened America play at the hands of anineffective and weak leader that has an abysmal foreign policy and zero military experienceéAnd honestly, who's side is President Obama really oné What if Russian President Vladimir Putin wereto have the Ukrainian president knocked off like he may have had a hand in oppositionleader Boris Nemtsov's demiseé Would the world look at that and say enough is enough andtake sidesé Or what could happen if militant terroristssuch as ISIS acquire a nuclear weaponé But

who is ISIS really. Did we not create themby meddling in the Middle East. And what is the point of having a global World War 3é What does a World War doé In its most basicform, it changes the world. What did World War 1 doé In was the end of the age of empires.It was the end of the AustroHungarian empire and more importantly it was the end of theOttoman Empire which had lasted for more than 6 centuries. World War 2 was to bring Germany to powerto control all of Europe and Japan to control the Pacific region. Fortunately, both of thoseobjectives failed, but it still changed Europe,

ushering in the European Union and guess whocontrols that, Germany. And what would a World War 3 doé It wouldfinally usher in a global government under the pretense that we can't go on fightingwars like this any longer, that is after it kills probably half the world's population.It would be dark, it would be nuclear and it would be devastating. And it's all aboutpower. When the world is in turmoil as it is now,it turned to world war twice in the past. Will it completely destroy the planeté Probablynot. Will it usher in global government. Probably. Will you be able to do anything about itéProbably not. You may however be able to stock

up on some foodstuffs if you are in a remotepart of your own country where invading armies are not all that concerned about controlling,but eventually, there will be almost nothing you can do. That is one of the predictions of World War3.

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How Close Are We to the Events of the End Times

Ankerberg: Rennie, we've got a minute lefthere. We can see some of the things that the Bible is saying are possibilities in our ownday, okay. As Jimmy says, you've got the infrastructure for a great European power,28 member states right now. That's a lot of people. It's a lot of money. That'sa lot of power. One of the interviews that we missed in the Middle East was Tony Blair.We were playing tag with him back and forth. But he was the envoy for the European Uniongoing and trying to negotiate with Israel and trying to influence what would happenin Israel. And, you know, you see where these people have a lot of power, okay. Folks inEurope are watching right now. They feel that

power. How does this relate to people understandingwhat the Bible is saying, how important it is, and where events are headedé How closeare we to some of these eventsé Showers: Well, we cannot help but feel thatway, and everything. You know, it does look like that's the direction that the powersof the world are headed right now. And since we believe the Bible teaches very clearlythat the Church is going to be gone before, you know, that fully takes control of thewhole world system and everything, it does, again, it kind of emphasizes imminency, youknow. You'd better to be ready any moment and any day. You know, it could be that we'regoing to be snatched up from the earth to

meet Christ in the air at any moment.Ankerberg: Yeah. The Bible says, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt besaved.â€� If you have not put your trust in what He did for you on the cross, I'd adviseyou to do it, because that's the only place where there's safety. There's the placewhere He's the one that's going to come that's going to be the ruler. He's theone that's the judge. You don't want to meet Him as judge; you want to meet Him asSavior and Lord. And if you haven't prayed and asked Christ to come into your life toforgive you, then why not do it right nowé.

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