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End Times Hadith

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Syria Beginning of the Malahim Epic Battles of the End of Times

Since the beginning of this uprising, there has been much talk that what is taking place are precursors for the MalÄ�ḥim (Epic Battles) of the End of Times. and you have also mentioned in a tweet of yours that. “What is apparent from the evidences is that the Muslim countries will be one country prior to the Malḥamah (Epic Battle). for it is stated in the ḥadÄ«th, ‘Syria was named the fusá¹­Ä�á¹­ of the Muslims,' i.e. the place of their assembly. This is evidence of the unity of the entire Ummah.â€� Is what is taking place in Syria the beginning of the MalÄ�ḥim (Epic Battles) of the End of Timesé The Prophet ï·º explained that fitan (tribulations) would become frequent in the End of Times in many different ḥadÄ«ths. such as in the ḥadÄ«th of Abu Hurayrah, as reported in BukhÄ�rÄ«, the Prophet ï·º said, “The Hour will not come until knowledge is taken away, ignorance prevails and fitan (tribulations) become frequent.â€� The presence of fitan occurring frequently requires some attentiveness and alertness.

As for the occurrence of numerous events, the Prophet ï·º has mentioned the presence of fitan and the struggle that will occur in ShÄ�m with the Jews and some of their supporters from among the Christians. There are many ḥadÄ«ths concerning that from the Messenger of Allah ï·º which prove that the land of ShÄ�m is a land of conquests and victories. The Prophet ï·º mentioned that the fusá¹­Ä�á¹­ (place of assembly) of the Muslims would be in ShÄ�m, in a city called alGhÅ«á¹­ah, next to a city known as Damascus. and so this will be the fusá¹­Ä�á¹­ of the Muslims, which means the place where the Muslims will assemble from around the world. Respected Shaykh, is it permissible for us to interpret these ḥadÄ«ths based on the current situationé There's nothing to prevent us from that. the Prophet ï·º interpreted some of that in certain places. and the Prophet ï·º also witnessed the Companions interpreting in his time as well. and the the words of the Prophet ï·º are revelation, as well as his interpretation of events. but we say that even the Companions interpreted events in his time, such as in the story of DajjÄ�l when Ê¿Umar bin Khaá¹­á¹­Ä�b interpreted Ibn á¹¢ayyÄ�d to be him, even though it appears that he was incorrect in that.

Also, in the fitan that came after that. some of the Companions, such as Anas bin M�lik, Ibn ʿUmar and Abū Hurayrah interpreted certain events. as well as Ḥudhayfah bin Yam�n. This is why we say that there are wisdoms that Allah has behind that. perhaps the event that the Prophet ﷺ informed of recurs, thus allowing the ḥadīth to be interpreted for more than one specific event. What we say is that a person can excercise his personal judgment, but cannot associate with it an Islamic ruling except with something crystal clear, whether it be an act or statement. As for drawing upon the evidences and using them in their rightful places, then there is nothing wrong with that.

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