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7 stunning end of the world predictions

According to scientists, the world could endon March 16, 2880. Asteroid 1950 DA has a 0.3% chance of hittingEarth in 867 years. At 1 km in diameter, rotates once every twohours and six minutes and would cause untold damage were it to hit the earth.The Shrinking Mt Everest, 2015 There was something else going on with thelandscape of Nepal, which nobody would have even thought of us.As the earthquake subsided, what came as a real shocker was that the earth's highestmountain range, Mt. Everest stood 2.8 cm smaller, according to satellite data.Earth's magnetic field flips!

The biggest reason which led the Mayan apocalypsebelievers to predict the end of the world in 2012 was based on the changing patternsof Earth's magnetic fields. However, Earth's magnetic field is stillweakening 10 times faster than normal, at present and can further weaken.Earth's magnetic field flips! The biggest reason which led the Mayan apocalypsebelievers to predict the end of the world in 2012 was based on the changing patternsof Earth's magnetic fields. However, Earth's magnetic field is stillweakening 10 times faster than normal, at present and can further weaken.Earth Will Be Destroyed by Floods and Earthquakes

by 2021.A series of apocalyptic events, including floods and earthquakes will spell the endof the world before 2021, according to a doomsday prophecy.NEW UNKNOWN WEAPON In this scenario a new type of weapon is created.It might be a Fusion Bomb capable of turning the world into a shortterm star, it mightbe a new form of radiation or it might even be a gravitational weapon that stops the worldspinning. TOTAL NUCLEAR WARThe devastation from thermonuclear blasts would be bad enough and would send what wasleft of mankind back to the Stone Age.

The radiation would engulf the planet on ascale that can't be imagined. Within 6 months anyone who was not “blown up� would bevery sick. Within 24 months just about everyone is dead.

Beyond Today How to Avoid EndTime Deception

Steve Myers The time is coming that youwill be deceived. It's guaranteed—unless. It will be a very difficult time on the worldscene and in your neighborhood, with conflicting choices that have to be made. So much so that your life may depend on whatyou do. A great spiritual leader is coming. He will seem to have all the answers for yourlife. Amazing evidence will seem to confirm everythinghe does.

But that religious leader will be false. So unless you choose carefully, you will beled astray. Will you make the right choiceé How can you protect yourself from this comingevil influenceé Is it possible that you are already misledé What you do can make all the difference. On this edition of Beyond Today we'll examine:“How to Avoid End Time Deception.â€� Announcer Join our host Steve Myers andhis guests as they help you understand your

future on Beyond Today! Steve Bible prophecy says that deceptionis a very real possibility! We're repeatedly commanded, “Be not deceived,�so many times throughout the Bible. Jesus Himself said that you are at risk. He warned in one of His parables that thosewho are misled will suffer weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matthew 22:13). Another speaks of the unbelieving servantthat will be cut in two and cast off with the hypocrites (Matthew 24:51).

Those are scary possibilities. Jesus warned us not to be taken in by falseteachers, amazing occurrences or evil signs and wonders. Well, could remarkable miracles mislead youé How can you avoid powerful deception thatthreatens your very eternal lifeé I spoke with many people who are skepticalof claims of healings, miracles or any supernatural events. Steve Do you believe in supernatural eventsé

gt; I do not. I do not. Steve Do you believe in any of that sortof thing, supernatural eventsé gt;gt; Not really. Steve You don't believe in thaté gt; No. Steve …There's this painting in a churchin Chicago that's weeping oil. Did you see thaté

gt;gt; I believe that about as much as I believein Jesus' grilled cheeses. How's thaté Steve You don't believe in the motherMary on toasté gt; I do not. gt;gt;I would like to think that I don't getfooled by smoke and mirrors… Steve Here's the challenge: How can youdetermine what is from God and should be believed and what should not be believedé How can you avoid being deceivedé

End Times Deception Dont Fall For It

{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\cocoartf1038\cocoasubrtf360{\fonttbl\f0\froman\fcharset0 TimesNewRomanPSMT;} {\colortbl;\red255\green255\blue255;}\vieww10960\viewh12640\viewkind0 \deftab720\pard\tx560\tx1120\tx1680\tx2240\tx2800\tx3360\tx'20\tx4480\tx5040\tx5600\tx6160\tx6720\pardeftab720\sa120\ql\qnatural \f0\fs24 \cf0 We live in a time where a greattsunami of deception has swept the lands. One of these deceptions is the deceptionsabout the end times. Everywhere there are people talking about bad things that are happeningnow, what they think will happen and people are focused on the wrong thing. They are notfocused on Jesus Christ. They are worried about the antichrist, they are worried aboutall these coming events that they believe

will come, they are worried about the endof the world, they are focusing on all these endtimes prophetic events, all these specialprophets. But they do not have a relationship with Jesus himself. And they are not focusedon him. Jesus said that when he returns he is looking for faith and obedience servants.But while we are focusing on all these other things, we are not being obedient servantsand we are going to be caught out. The deceptions surrounding the end times, prophetic events,prophetic utterances, and all these things, are mostly deception and a distraction. Thereare true things out there, there are true prophecies, but there are a lot of them thatare deception causing people not to focus

on Jesus Christ. We do live in serious times,but we live in a time where you can serve Jesus today. And be found pleasing to him.Don't go focusing on all the coming events and all these things in the news and all theseprophetic warnings everywhere. Focus on Jesus Christ before it is too late. Get yourselfserious about turning away from sin and becoming a follower of the Lord.\}.

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