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End Times Confusion

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Network Marketing Tips How To End Time Zone Confusion

Hi there, it's magic mary austin downhere in sunny san antonio texas with more network marketing help this is march seventh two thousandthirteen which means that this weekend will begin daylight savings time it's important if you're inany kind of marketing where your calling people or returning calls topeople across many different time zones. You should keep that in mind becausenine o'clock in the morning in new york city may be the middle of thenight to somebody in a different time zone.

so something that i've used and i'll put the sheet in a plastic sleeve uh. is a chart that has all the telephone area codes and tells you what time zone they're in. You can find this online. maybe you can find a better one in the description below put a link to thisparticular chart because i like it Greatdata Look under the quot;Freequot; tab. and i keep this by my telephone

in my office alright so i hope that helps you and also I putbelow of other areas at least in the united states that donot participate in daylight savings time like Hawaii and Arizona. so as you can i keep that straight aswell there's actually even quicker trick if you're always sitting by yourcomputer because your computer will always tell you the right time inat least three different time zones and i'll show you that in another tutorial

i would say that everything's easierwhen you have the right tools and i've found that most tools that canhelp in network marketing are from My lead system pro organization. Thatis not a network marketing company it's an organization that exists to helpnetwork marketers by offering tools that we use to generate leads To learn about this resource for network marketing help, go to this website:workmarketing911 that is, network marketing nine one one dot net

network marketing help, get ité all right go there you'll be able to seea quick tutorial that explains all about my Lead system pro well I hope that helps you out.

Daylight Saving Time Should End for Safety Mental Health Logic Confusion

bjbj David: You know you can call into theshow, by the way. There's a lot of people on our Ustream feed and we've got people listeninglive. 2192DAVIDP, you can call in, you can weigh in on this. And of course, the new website,HYPERLINK quot;DavidPakman quot; DavidPakman Hey, you know what I was thinking about, what'sgoing on with the whole Daylight Savings Time thingé We've rolled the clocks back over theweekend. Number one, Louis was incredibly confused about this. I got a message, I gota text message from Louis on Saturday night saying, quot;I didn't get a David Pakman Shownewsletter for tomorrow.quot; And I said, quot;Well, we don't do shows on Sundays for now, that'swhy you didn't.quot; Apparently, Louis thought

instead of going back an hour on Saturdaynight, we were going forward an entire 24 hours, righté Louis: That was just generalconfusion from fatigue and being a bartender. David: You were bartending at the timeé Louis:I was. David: I looked into this Daylight Savings thing, and I started, over the lastcouple of years I've been thinking, does it really make sense to do this anymoreé AndI actually don't think it does, for a number of reasons. Number one, it's expensive. Let'sjust assume it takes everybody 10 minutes to change all of their own clocks and watches,this is just under $4 per person. So if you add that all up to everybody who observesDaylight Savings Time, which I guess that

some parts of Arizona don't, and maybe Indiana,I think Indiana may have changed this, it's about $800 million each time, and we're doingit twice yearly. So it's $1.6 billion we're talking about. If you don't care about that,and I know, Louis, that you don't, you're not worried about the $3.74 that you spentchanging your clocks, it causes more people to have seasonal depression, because thereare far more people awake at 6:00 pm than at 5:00 am, so the idea that the sun comesup earlier, it goes down later, more people are spending more time in darkness. Seasonaldepression is going to be higher, there's more car accidents because there's more darkdriving hours every day, so 350 extra accidents

per year is the estimate. What sense doesit make to do this anymoreé Louis: Well, we've been doing this for so long, and it's justso ingrained in us, we're not going to change it. David: We changed the date a couple yearsago from sometime in October to November. And crime also, many more crimes are committedduring evening hours than early morning hours, and we know, Louis, as you know very wellbeing a bartender, the criminals tend to get up late and stay up late. So we're providingthe cover of darkness to people. Louis: Well, I think we're getting into ridiculous argumentsnow. David: You don't believe that that makes senseé It's just logic. Louis: I just. I'mnot a fan of it either. I think it's an annoyance,

I think it's unnecessary. David: And it justreally doesn't make sense. Louis: It's just. it causes confusion, and why botheré David:Listen, that argument is fine, but the argument of the expense, the seasonal depression, thecar accidents, and there's really no energy savings to speak of. I mean, again, far morepeople are awake at 6:00 pm than 5:00 am. The number of people who need to have theirlights on earlier in the afternoon far would outweigh the energy savings that you wouldget by not needing the lights on at 5:00 am, don't you thinké Louis: Probably. David: OK.We're going to go to break. I want to say thank you to a few people, new David PakmanShow members. John S., Benjamin Y., Becky

D., and Olivia R. Thank you very much. Anda special thank you to Richard McCullin, a level three member at DavidPakman . We'lltake a break. Announcer: The David Pakman Show at HYPERLINK quot;DavidPakman quot;DavidPakman h(b2 h(b2 h(b2 David: You know you can call into the show, by the way Guerreiro Chavier Marisel NormalGuerreiro Chavier Marisel Microsoft Office Word Windows uE David: You know you can callinto the show, by the way tulo _PID_HLINKS Documento Microsoft Office Word MSWordDocWord.Document.8.

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