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End Times Cern

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Harlan Ogden Ministry Episode 4 Days of Noah CERN NWO Nazis Dark Occultists

Well, people are concerned with the level of the dark occult in society. What people refer to as, the quot;bigshot dark occultistsquot;. How do they even get involved in these. situations. It's easier maybe to go along with the status quo, as it were. quot;Oh, you want a part in Hollywood, well you know what. quot;We're gonna need you, not only to perhaps dosomething sexual, or have something sexual done to you.quot; quot;We're gonna need you to be involved in our little witches coven.

or our sacrifices.quot; quot;.we're gonna put under more of acontrol agendaquot;. Which in my belief is. .what the dark occult is all about. On a majorplayer level what you're doing is. .generating a lot of money. and feeding a lot of blood to the demons. Some people are talking a lot about. bigshot dark occultists I dunno, what do they get out of the game. Positions, places, titles. money

To acquire that, you have to. what. feed the demons blood in rituals and so forth, so forth. In effect what you're doing is. acquiring power to scare people around you , so. . you have that power. On a lower level. perhaps, these people are more controllable. say a politician. Oh, we're gonna get you on camera involved in pedophilia

.we're gonna get you on camera involved in. in rituals It's another .control mechanism. .and at the same time, it makes it more acceptable. As long as you're alive, the blood of Jesus Christ coversall our shortcomings. from the garden to. .right now Say you're a known occultist. So. you're aggregating to yourself perceived power

What, okay. define this power, what is this power. Power of what. scaring people. Or making people afraid of you, perhaps. And that translates into your own personal perception of power. Compared to Almighty God. Of course, it's laughable and. .we all know the outcome of that contest. You're looking at what, the Devil and his angels.

Interdimensional .beings, attracted to atomic fission. Opening portals. like at CERN. Area 51 The U.S Government, well they've been involved in this since Roswell. since World War Two. since atomic fission. So, if Satan wants to. .deceive the world and intimidate everybody, yeh.

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