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End Time Messenger

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CC Commentaries Mystic Messenger ZEN Route Day 8

Hola, I'm back to Earth~! Before that I would STILL want to declare that I seriously don't want to violate copyright laws lol Guess you guys would be sick of me saying this I'm calling Zen and see if I'm lucky enough. Five hourglasses. T____T . T_____________________________T OPPAAAAAAAAAAAAA lol

Oh and for some parts there were problems. So I had to rerecord them. C': I swear this part is freaking creepy I played before I sleep. I had nightmares. orz I swear this is trying to tell me that Unknown hacked the system lolololol Seven was probably trying to hide the truth when he saw this and recovered the app I think I will try to speed up the tutorial a little because I don't want you guys to watch for too long ;;; I agree with 707.

Couplematching apps earn from people. Though in Japan, I was told that guys would have to pay a monthly member fee. Meanwhile ladies can use the applications for free. I'm not entirely sure why. My friend doesn't know either lol He has completely zero idea but he said that since it's common so he can't do much about it And somehow I told him that I feel unfair and he just went laughing lol (Yes, somehow my friend and I met through a dating app) (Happened by accident because I was asked to install the app to get coins for a game that I played like a hardcore player lolol)

lmao apparently I'm correct that Unknown is starting to do shit to RFA but seriously why would he wanna do that I can't understand Oh sorry Yoosung ;; I feel sad to look at the cute crying sticker. Yoosung's stickers are really cute gt;wlt; OMG Zen is mine now lololol jks only in thsi save file XD Seems like I'm getting to a good endé OH MY GOD I'D RAGE QUIT TOO

ZEN Y U DO DIS LOL Poor Jaehee BITCH ATTACKSSSSSS THAT DISGUSTING VOICE THOSE DISGUSTING LOOKS EW pls I can scold people a lot better than this Echogirl Sarcasm is my forte

LMAO stupid woman Remember the part where Jumin said he had some meal with a rich girlé I BELIEVE SHE IS THE ONE Jumin has no chills ;w; I need to WORK and STUDY Is it bad that I absolutely love Zen's voice without understanding Koreané he is like a kid but such a piece of treasure Zen the knight!!! Why is it 'silver spoon' instead of 'gold spoon'.é

CC Commentaries Mystic Messenger Zen Route Day 7 Part 1

Hola, I'm back~ Sometimes I wonder why can't I just greet both I hope that I can get hearts from everyone lolol And as usual, I'm making a disclaimer so that people understand that I have zero intentions to violate copyright laws. Last night, I thought of shipping Jaehee and Zen together. Today, I think Jaehee can be a good partner to Jumin lol Then maybe Jumin likes Zen too. Though he is a complete douche

but Jumin is a nice person. lol So that would be ending up in Zen's haremé! Jaehee x Zen x Jumin. Whoa. Anyways please enjoy my awkward commentaries and walkthrough on this game lolol (Spoilers: You'll choose to lose it anyway) Zen is so obedient omg Cheritz y u no give me more hourglasses I don't have enough for everyone, you know. D:

Every time 707 enters it's always this music lolol lol the director doesn't seem to listen lmao I'd love to get food as pay for the rest of my life too so I don't have to spend too much on groceries. Maybe trading them for other food if I feel sick of the same thing again and again Oh god poor him only have $1 Oh god I have a bad feeling about this Geez she looks like some complete bitch lol

I swear the Jalapeno title is so odd Geez. Something isn't right about this woman. First she has a limo. Now she is trying to convince Zen that he would get his role regardless.é I'm smelling some drama from this woman lol Zen honey, how do you text and call at the same timing lololol w Dang, Yoosung y u change the mood (Yoosung's sticker is so cute)

LOLOL Guess what, I am cruelly throwing spoilers Zen will model for Jumin lol BADUMTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I am sorry I happened to have a recording a day advanced thanks to a bug from Cheritz. I was not able to proceed to the next day and I had to spend 50 hourglasses. T____T And then after spending 50 hourglasses THE BUG IS GONE. WTF

Can I get a refundé ;A; Refund in hourglasses is fine too ;A; Pls tell me Jaehee is not jealous pls I willNo worries ;w; I'm going to Zen's place ermaged I'm crying Jumin you are really nice omgomg OMG SO CUTE

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