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Lets End Homeless Hate Laws BRAVE NEW FILMS JUSTICE

Tents, tarps, and other temporary shelterswill soon be illegal in the City of Manteca. We're being hemmed down and we've got nowhereto go anymore. All it's gonna do is shuffle it somewhereelse. They're not going nowhere. It is now illegal to sit or lie on the sidewalksin a number of areas across Oahu. You'd be surprised who is homeless. I mean, I've got a family, he's autistic,and I don't want him out here. I got homeless twice in one year. Just losing our jobs and not being able topay our bills.

In Fort Lauderdale, a 90 year old man wasarrested for feeding the homeless. A new ordinance that virtually outlaws groupsfrom sharing food with the hungry. I'm a vet! I served this country well, butunfortunately, they're kicking us around like cats and dogs. I don't deserve that. Nobody deserves that. We decided to adopt a housing first model.Instead of asking people to change their lives before we gave them housing, we chose to givethem housing along with the supportive services and then allow them to change their livesif they wanted to.

Having a house is the stable base for everything.If you don't have a stable place to live, that's going to be the biggest crisis on yourmind every day. Where as when you're in your own home, thatwhole level of stress is taken away. And now you can focus on everything else thatyou need to focus on in your life. Getting my housing here literally saved mylife. If I was still the homeless guy, I would've continued on and drank myself to death atthis point. It works because we reduced our chronic homelesscount by 72 percent. About $20,000 per person per year on the streets. We can house themfor about $7,800 per person per year for case

management and rental assistance. It is most costeffective, we can serve morepeople with the same amount of dollars than if we didn't do this program. But it's alsothe right thing to do. It just makes sense. Just because I don't have a home to go to,does not make me a criminal.

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