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The Mark of the Beast Documentary

To think something so small can connect you to everything that matters. When your life and all you love are on the line. When every second counts in the emergency room. Providing immediate access to your medical records. Because Bob has trouble remembering all his medications. Because I'm in love with my kids kids.

Because now, I'm looking out for both of us. Because I have diabetes, but it doesn't have me. Because I spend my life in the ER, trying to save yours. There is no credible cause for concern aboutimplanting these tiny microchips under your skin. There's been over 10 million pets in 15 years thathave had this microchip without any problems. Stockbroker Robel Johnson is one of the pioneers. Today he is having a chip implanted in his arm. Ok, now you're going to feel a little pressure.

If ever he becomes an emergency patienthe can be instantly identified. How did that feelé Fine, that's fine. OK, great. s think it will soon be ascommonplace as vaccinations. You're chipped. You should play that number today. The scanner powers up.Wave it over the arm. Pulls up the unique 16digit identification number.

And through a serial port, that'sat the bottom of the scanner it goes to a computer, or alaptop, where immediately my picture, my driver's license information and my relevant medical recordswould pop up on the screen. Instead of GPS bracelets convicts wouldbe forced to have a device implanted. Instead of ankle bracelets, sex offendersmight have something like this implanted. Parents are putting these chips in kids in Mexicowhere there's a higher risk of kidnappings. The scanners are put up atairports and bus stations

so if a chipped child is there, police know. I think it's good because it's really fast the queues go quicker so that you don't haveto spend all break queueing up for the food. Your parents can pay online and you don't have to worry about losing yourmoney or getting it stolen or anything. The latest technology for identifyingpeople at the point of sale for identifying people whenthey make purchases is actually the implantable chip, that youcan actually imbed directly into human flesh.

It's a tiny glass capsule aboutthe size of a grain of rice. It contains an RFID computer chip. I think that within 20 years whenyou get born you will get a chip. There is an increasing amount of supportfor a microchip for buying and selling. Some people are kind of saying that peopleare going to be forced to take it, but I think eventually people will bequeueing up themselves and taking it. I would not have a problem at all if they wanted to put a microchip in me to help out with

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