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7 Worst Plane Crashes in History

These are the seven worst plane crashes inhistory. After hearing about these airline incidents, you may reconsider ever steppingonboard a plane ever again. Today's tutorial was brought to you by TheyWillKillYou .Come see it for new releases exclusive footage you cannot yet find on our channel. Number 7: The 1972 Andes Flight DisasterOctober 13th, 1972: Uruguayan Flight 571 crashes into the Andes mountains, immediately killing12 of the 45 passengers on board. Several others would die before they could be rescued.Over the next two months, the survivors endured harsh winter weather, avalanches, resortedto extreme measures to survive.

The chartered flight departed on October 12thwhile transporting the Old Christians Club rugby union team along with members' friends family from Montetutorial, Uruguay heading for Santiago, Chile for a match. But due tobad weather conditions, the plane landed in Mendoza, Argentina to wait out the storm.It departed again the next day with its 45 passengers to finish its journey, which includedflying over the Andes mountain range. Because of the weather, the pilot was unable to flyhis plane over the mountains instead, was forced to fly around them. On that particular day, however, the cloudcover was so intense that it caused the pilot

to miscalculate where the plane was in relationto the mountains. As a result, the plane crashed into the side of a mountain near Malargue,Argentina, instantly killing 12 of its passengers upon impact. Within days, six more passengers—includingthe only on board—died, leaving just 27 people alive. The survivors were left withvery little food water virtually no winter clothing or footwear to protect them fromthe cold, snowy weather. Two medical students onboard the flight survived were able toerect makeshift splints for various injuries, including broken arms legs.

When the plane did not arrive to Santiagoas expected, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay sent out search parties to find the missing plane.But because the plane was white, it blended in with the snow, making it nearly impossibleto find. The search team was called off after eight days, a fact that the survivors wereaware of since they had a transistor radio heard the news of the search team givingup. Since the passengers had little food withno means of obtaining any more as there were no animals or vegetation to be found, thegroup resorted to eating the flesh of dead passengers to survive after much deliberation.Some of the passengers had reservations about

doing this but eventually decided to do soin order to stay alive. One more month had passed the survivorswere still stranded when suddenly, an avalanche killed eight more people. And by December12th–nearly two months after the crash, two men from the group decided to take a dangerousjourney seeking help for the group. The trek lasted over a week involved scaling a mountainthen hiking down into a valley. But Nando Parrado Roberto Canessa ultimately succeededin making contact with another human being. On December 20th, 70 days after the crash,Parrado and Canessa came across three men on horseback, to whom they communicated theirsituation. The riders realized they were survivors

of the crash immediately sought help. Inthe end, the remaining survivors were rescued from the wreckage after an arduous rescuemission that concluded two days before Christmas. 16 passengers total survived 72 days afterthe crash. Since this incredible event, books, movies, documentaries have been published recalling the crash the ensuing struggle for survival.A feature film entitled Alive: Miracle in the Andes was also produced in 1993. Number 6: China Airlines Flight 611May 25th, 2002: China Airlines Flight 611 is leaving Taiwan for Hong Kong when it disintegratesin midair, killing all 225 passengers on

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