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Extreme WeatherWhat the Bible Reveals Part 1

WTV 006: Extreme Weather—What the BibleReveals! (Part 1) What is wrong with the weatheré People theworld over are recognizing that extreme weather is becoming normal. Today's storms are moreintense and more frequent—and more widespread. Nature is exploding with violent weather—droughts,floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, storms and wildfires—all of which are causing increasingdeath tolls and financial loss. Disastrous weather worldwide has caused many to ask,What is happeningé—Why so much bad weatheré What, if anything, is behind these eventséAre they acts of God, cycles of nature or mistakes of mané What does the Bible sayéThis twopart series reveals shocking answers!

The World to Come. The Restored Church ofGod presents David C. Pack. Author of 80 books and booklets. Editorinchief of The RealTruth magazine. Read by countless and growing numbers in every nation and territory of theworld. In a violent age full of war, famine, pollution, disease, disasters and economicuncertainty, and everworsening bad news. Answering life's greatest questions straightfrom the Bible, and announcing the wonderful good news of the World to Come. And now, DavidC. Pack. The last 20 years have produced many moresevere weather events than any other period since recordkeeping began in 1880. Seeminglyevery week, reports around the world announce

the “hottest summer ever� or the “worstflood ever,� or the “worst fires ever.� Experts blame climate change—or global warming—butmore and more are unsure of the causes behind this increase in catastrophic weather events.2011 saw a devastating earthquake and tsunami strike Japan, along with many other naturaldisasters around the world. Consider just the summer and fall in the United States—anunprecedented 5.8 earthquake near Washington, D.C.—a swarm of 800 tornadoes across theMidwest that killed hundreds—an historic drought in Texas—wildfires across Arizonaand New Mexico, but also Texas—the enormous Mississippi River flood, and another on theMissouri River, with others on California

rivers—a giant October snowstorm in theNortheast. The list is nearly endless. While weather disasters have always occurred,try to remember when so many have happened in such rapid succession. One source declares:“‘Unprecedented extreme weather and climate events' look likely in coming decades asa result of a changing climate…The IPCC report's projection for the next century:Worse heat waves worldwide are ‘very likely,' ‘Medium confidence' exists that droughtswill worsen across southern North America, the Mediterranean and elsewhere, and ‘Highconfidence' exists that economic losses from weather disasters are increasing…In2011, there have been 14 billiondollar U.S.

weather disasters…shattering the previousrecord of 9 set in 2008. Normally, the U.S. sees 3 to 4 of these events per year. Tornadoes,hurricanes and floods in these 14 disasters killed more than 600 people…�Meteorologists have noticed something strange is occurring: “No question about it: thishas been a wild weather year so far in the United States, with record rains, droughts,wildfires and tornadoes.� Another report said, “This is the first time an earthquakeand a hurricane Irene in the same week has forced east coast residents to evacuate buildings.�Across America, abnormally devastating weather—deadlier storms, multistate flooding, excessive drought,and hardertocontrol wildfires—are wreaking

havoc on the economy and lives of millionsof people. Those who survive must pick up the pieces of shattered lives—homes destroyedor ruined—businesses destroyed—livelihoods gone—loved ones dying, with some never found.In an instant, people can lose everything, including their lives! But the damage is farmore than just death and destruction of property. Entire economies can be affected—citiescan be erased! (TURN 1) In other parts of the world, unstable weathercomes with the Pacific pattern called El Nino, which brings wet weather that saturates theground and results in flooding in some places and droughts in others. Consider: “A strongEl Nino plays havoc with weather from Indonesia

God the Weather Part 1

gt;gt;Is there any relationshipbetween natural disasters and the sins of our nationé Or toput it another way, could natural disasters be remedialjudgments from God, calling us as a nation to repentanceé Fora Biblical insight on this important question, staytuned. gt;gt; gt;gt;Lamb and Lion Ministriespresents Christ in Prophecy, a program that focuses on thefundamentals of Bible

prophecy, showing how currentevents in the news relate to Biblical predictions of endtime events and the soon return of Jesus. Now, here'syour host, David Reagan. gt;gt;Greetings in the name ofJesus our Blessed hope. I'm Dave Reagan, Founder andDirector of Lamb Lion Ministries. In this programand the one following next week, we're going to examine avery controversial question about whether or not God sendsremedial judgments upon

nations when they rebelagainst Him. For example, was Hurricane Katrina simply anaccident of nature, a product of natural weather processes,or was it a special storm sent by God to call this nation torepentanceé I address this important question in apresentation that I made to a Steeling the Mind Conferencethat was held in C'oure D'Alene, Idaho in the fall of2005. Here now is an excerpt from that presentation.

gt;gt;Music gt;gt;I represent a Ministrycalled Lamb and Lion Ministries. It's a Bibleprophecy ministry. We call it Lamb and Lion because thoseare the two great prophetic images of the Messiah in theOld Testament, the Suffering Lamb, the Conquering Lion. Iwas on the radio for 22 years before we began our televisionprogram and you are going to find out I can talk fast. Iwould get to the end of the

program and I would be reallyrolling. I'd say, quot;Write to Lamb and Lion Ministries, PostOffice Box so and soquot; and we would get letters addressed tothe strangest places. We got letters addressed to quot;Land ofLions Ministries,quot; quot;Leg of Lamb Ministries.quot; Almost everyday, one addressed to quot;Lemon and Lime Ministries.quot; My alltime favorite was, quot;Lame and Blind Ministries.quot; I thought,quot;Man that guy is really hard of hearing, but he wasn't; hedidn't like the program. He

disagreed with us and so thatwas his comment, quot;We were lame and blind.quot; Well, my topic forthis particular presentation is a rather unusual one: God,Judgment, and the Weather. Let's pray. Father I come toyou in the name of Jesus and I pray for Your anointing as Imake this rather unusual presentation. I pray Lord thatYou will guide my thoughts and my words and I pray that Youwill give to the audience listening ears, and I prayLord that through what I have

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