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Barack Obamas Amazing Prophetic Dream

Welcome to Revelation UnraveledI'm your host William Tapley. This is the first of a two part series, which is the most important series Ihave ever done, because I will prove, on these two tutorials that I am who I say that I am, and that is: the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the Co Prophet of the End Times.

That's because I am going to interpret the dream of a king, and that king is Barack Obama and that dream was described by Barack Obama in his autobiographical book, quot;Dreams From My Fatherquot;. Now, one year ago this week (January, 2009),

an amazing Bible prophecy was fulfilled. And that is, the quot;leopardquot;, as described in Daniel chapter number7, came up out of the sea as I have explained before, in many other tutorials. This quot;leopardquot; symbolizes both the United States

and Barack Obama. Barack Obama shows all thecharacteristics of the quot;leopardquot;. First, he has a skin color that is both black and white. Second, he has quot;four headsquot; and quot;four wingsquot;, which symbolize that he is the 44thpresident. And finally, at his inauguration,

he was given power and dominion. Perhaps even more amazing, not one of the televangelists or false prophets or other million dollar ministries recognized this amazing fulfillment of Bibleprophecy. And what about Catholic bishops ortheologians or even the pope. Why is that an old, retired,whitehaired, Third Eagle of the Apocalypse

understands the significance of this eventé Not only that, the false prophets still don't understand what has happened. All three beasts in Daniel chapter number 7, the quot;lionquot;, the quot;bearquot; and the quot;leopardquot;

American Pharoah Prophecy Third Term for Obama

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I am your host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the CoProphet of these End Times. Well, more and more people are beginning to realize that President Barack Obama is a key person in End Times Bible prophecy and I have been saying that for sevenyears here on YouTube. YouTube has only been in existence for ten years so I have been here a majority of thattime.

And I promised you ahead of hiselection that number one: he would be our last American President. Number two: he would be a man of war not a man of peace despite what he said about Iraq and Afghanistan. All he has done in the Middle East hasbrought more war and chaos, death and casualties. And third, that he would lead America to defeat inWorld War III and I have not backed off on any of those prophecies.

And Almighty God has been verifying these prophecies, especially in sportingevents. Maybe you remember when the American flag fell when Serena Williams won the gold medal at the US Olympics and she wore oneblack sneaker and one white sneaker and the reason is because she was a standin for the Leopard, that is Barack Obama. Or maybe you remember this race in Zurich, Switzerland which was won by the two American girls

Jennifer Simpson and Shannon Rowbury. They finished in a virtual dead heat andthey both fell at the finish line. One girl's number was 9 and the other was 11. As Jonathan Cahn would say, quot;It was a harbinger of the defeat of America and the fall of our Nationquot; just as 911 was a harbinger of the fall of America. Now, the latestverification from Almighty God

of my prophecies about Barack Obama was the victory of American Pharoah in the Triple Crown. Now I made a tutorial three weeks ago saying that if he lost the second leg of the Triple Crown, that is the Preakness, it would symbolize that Obama would not finish his second term, but American Pharoah won the Preakness and he also won the third race

of the Triple Crown and I believe thatmeans that Obama will be given a third term or perhaps I should say he will take athird term. One thing for sure, he will not beelected to a third term. And now my subscribers came up with a lot of very interesting comments. Now here's what Allfill08 said, now this was three weeks ago before the Belmont: quot;The Preakness is symbolic of

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