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End Of Times Kalamullah

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Power of Dua by Sheikh Majed Mahmoud

Allah Subhanahutala says in an authentic hadith Yea Ibadi. Oh my slaves ! Every slaves sitting here pay attention. May Allah make us a slave of Allah and die as slave of Allah Yea Ibadi! This is great to know Allah! see his majesty! See his power, enjoy this If every single of you, from the beginning of time and till the end of time All of the human beings and all of the JInns! Allahu Akbar! We are appreciating the numbers! Every single one of you raised your hands to Allah! Every single one of you!! At the same exact instant. we ask Allah Subhanahutala something

I will give Every single one of you what you asked for My kingdom will not diminish or decrease what so ever Except whatever is decreased from an ocean when you dip a needle into it, Allah Akbar!!Subhanahutaala This is your lord. Whats amazing is not only how Allah is all hearer and all see,was able to know who asked and who spoke Is not just Allah AL Alim that knows what you asked for and whats internal and whats external how Allah al Baseer saw the requester that was also amazing is how Allah Al Mujib responded to every request

This is the one whom we worship There was a sister I am telling you the story second person There was a sister whom her husband has left for sometime for some task he had to do so she stayed overher father's place She had daughter very poor family When she moved to that house the daughter that grand daughter became very very sick so all what their mother can do

is pray two rakaahs to Allah and grab a wet towel put it on the forehead of the girl and make dua to Allah that all that means she can take Allah's by witness someone came and knocked on the apartment at 01 a.m. in the morning The mother put on the hijab and her father came which is the grand father of the grand daughter said open the door Assalimualikum, Walaikum asalam There was a man wearing the suite with a brief case He said can I go and check your grand daughter who is sick Then he further comes in. The walks in sees the grand daughter checks on her

he says ok.her case is little difficult but I will give you some medicationa prescription make sure you buy as soon as possible and inshallah she will be fine The mother looks at her father they smile because they even can't afford the medication by jajhakllahu khairan, any ways the walks leaves the apartment and stands by the door the mother says jajhakallahu khairan he says wa iyyakum jajhakumullahu khairan the is still standing its now getting a little awkward

OK Move on He said where is the fee for this private visit said What private fee what visit What do you mean you called me I left my house left my city to come to this poor village of yours it was a long trip and coming checking on your daughter and all that work and you say what fee what private visit She said wallahi we never called you stingy and you are a liar too

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