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End Of Times In Christianity

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Christian EndTimes Belief Blocking Climate Change Action Study

by david c baker at the university ofpittsburgh cra david h beers at the university ofcolorado hernia uncovered that belief in biblical endtimes as a motivating factor behind resistance to curbing climate change from political science quarterly the fact that such an overwhelmingpercentage of republican citizens professing a belief in the second coming seventy six percent in two thousand six

suggest a governmental attempt to curbgreenhouse emissions would encounter stiff resistance even if every democratin the country want curb them study is based on data from the twothousand seven call while pretender congressional action study uncovered that the belief in the secondcoming of jesus cheeses reduced the probability of probabilityof strongly supporting government action on climate change by twelve percent

when controlling for a number ofdemographic and cultural factors when the affects a party affiliation political ideology in media distresswere removed from the analysis the belief in the second coming increasethis effect by almost twenty percent and we have seen countless um. republican congressman status thatshould gets the other day or simplicity dot intensity opposed iaction on climate change because the

earth will end up only when god declares it to be over and then we had somebody the other daytalk about ninety romero was now talking about now cried we read these before hello the flight deck okay remember who it was that uh.burton cousin

post smokey joe barton bart yet footage or garden who's the republican chair of the energycommission so uh. there you have it folks but as uh. um. i don't see anything wrong with that samdown all you do energy as was mentioned in the uh. better seventy that uh. film wehad to be the filmmakers today

martin luther king said you only needfive percent of people it's clearly off the table that we'regonna get some of these a fundamentalist care about the global warming becauseit's all in god's hands now of course abortion isn't that's whatwe should elect uh. not jobs and taxcutting that's not in god's hands got slick i got the planet indiansystems contract alright i got the environment you guys handle other justly uh. more social darwinism aspectsinteract at the red scare

Todd White Passive Christianity Is Dangerous

Do what you do, God. Stir us up. It says don't forsake the assembling togetherof the saints. Don't forsake the assembling together. Because all the more we see the day approachingBut it's never about assembling together to pray that Jesus rescue us out of here. It's never about getting together. We see the day approaching.

But it's never about praying, gathering peopletogether so that we can get rescued. The rapture's not a rescue mission; it's apickup for a wedding date. Listen. You did not get saved to just escape. It's not an escape thing. The gospel sets you free from you. So you can finally find life. The gospel sets you free from youSo that you can finally be who God created

you to be. I mean, it's all God's asking you to do, forreal. All God's asking you to do is give up somethingyou were never created to be. Because he never created you for you; he createdyou for him. So all he's asking you to do is give thatup. What you were never created for so that youcould finally become who he says you are. It's not complicated. If it was, I couldn't get it.

Take it from the drug addict. I was a drug addict and an atheist for a long,long time, man. For those of you that don't know,drug addiction, atheism, anger, and hatred. Raised in a boys' home when I was young. Started using at 12. Some of you have heard it. I'm just going to recap. I love it because the testimony is the realityof what enables people to see that God can

do it inone, he can do it in me. Because the word testimony means do it again,God. Here I am, God. Do it again. You did it in him, do it in me. I didn't go to Bible school. I never read a book my whole life. For 34 years, I couldn't read.

I had a reading disorder. So every time I read, I would forget. So why read anythingé Because I couldn't remember anything. And so at 12 years old, full on drug addictionin a boys' home. Grew up by the Masons raising me. Got arrested a year later. Running, man, running; trying to fix my life.

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