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Proof that Obama and Francis were Prechosen by the illuminati

“And there will be signs in sun and moonand stars…� (Luke 21:25) Obama and Francis are in fact, the 2 beasts that are spoken of, in the Book of Revelations, .in the Bible.They have been propped up, in their current positions of power, by the illuminati.The illuminati are ‘an occult group'. And symbolism, is very important to them.The positions of the planets in our solar system is of great importance to them.because the illuminati act and live according to the planetary alignments.And so, now I will ‘clearly reveal', and expose their dark deeds.I will expose just how much they rely on planetary

alignments for their plans.especially their plans for Francis and Obama to go through.The meaning of the planets Now I am not an astrologer.And I do not encourage ANYONE, to allow ‘the position of the planets' to govern theirlives. But, in order to understand the connectionbetween Obama, Francis, and the illuminati. we need to have a basic understanding of howthe illuminati see the planets. And so, let's begin with a quick summaryof the meaning of the planets. What, does each of the planets symbolize,to the illuminatié

At the Center of our Solar system, the SUN,represents ‘the all seeing eye' – or, the god of lightFor the Illuminati, MERCURY, being so close to the scorching Sun, represents the devilVENUS, represents ‘sexual promiscuity' – what the world calls “love�The EARTH represents ‘those being controlled, by the other planets'.At least, that is the illuminati interpretation. The MOON – simply represents ‘anothergoddess', that the occult people worship. MARS – represents war, and military strength.To the illuminati, it also represents quot;the enemyquot;.JUPITER, represents ‘personified Divine

authority'.Jupiter represents the socalled “divine authority�, that is currently manifestingthrough ‘the antichrist in the religious arena'.At this point in human history it represents the one seated in Rome.Antipope Francis. Jupiter represents ‘the false authority',that also manifests in the feminine form, through Queen Jezebel.The planet SATURN is personified by quot;the baphomentquot;, and “the sower� who sows seeds.In these End Times Saturn represents Obama Obama who IS, “the antichrist�.who rules over the Political arena;

the enemy incarnate, seated in the White House.URANUS represents ‘the false heaven' – the occult version, of Heaven.NEPTUNE, represents ‘the beast coming out of the sea' the one who holds the trident.Neptune is ‘just another symbol', for ‘the enemy'.PLUTO – the coldest and furthest planet from the Sun, represents Hell or the falsegod of the underworld. The minor planet CERES, located inside theorbit of Jupiter, “represents harvest time – the close of the age�.And now, with ‘the hidden occult meaning' of the planets exposed, let's see whatthe Solar system looked like, on the birthday

of Antipope Francis:image with date in Text: Birthday of Jorge Bergoglio, “Francis�, December 17, 1936Now keep in mind, that it is quite uncommon, for multiple alignments of 3 planets to happen,at the same time. Let's see how many multiple alignments werehappening, on the birthday, of Antipope Francis. It is, as easy, a playing “connect the dots� but only in a straight line. Antipope Francis Birthday December 17, 1936,There were 5, planetary alignments, taking place, on that day.It was a day, when almost every planet, was in ‘an alignment', of some sort.Francis, is the one who is referred to, in

Nuclear War Nov 22 2017 Understanding Illuminati Numerology WW3 End Time New World Order

The following clock presents the Fibonacci sequence that is converted to the clock numbers. This also applies to the first and second convolved sequences. Note, the 13th number is the centre of the 25 numbers. Compression always yields one of the 4 clock numbers related to the initial number. For example, In short, there are 3 squares through which compression occurs. World War 1 began on 28071914, which is the 6th day of the 6th month in the lunar year 4612. World War 1 ended on 11111918, which is the 8th day of the 10th month in the lunar year 4616. World War 2 began on 010919', which is the 18th day of the 7th month in the lunar year 4637.

World War 2 ended on 02091945, which is the 26th day of the 7th month in the lunar year 4643. The 4th day of the 8th month in the lunaryear 4712 is 28082014, when the UN and NATO held extremely rare emergency meetings in response to alleged Russian invasion. Skull and Bones photoshoot is one of the Freemason meetings. First, the clock indicates 30 seconds past 8.8 means the 8th person at the centre. Importantly, 8 is the centre of the 15 upright triangles and 10 inverted triangles. Triangle 8 is also the centre between two 7s. One should then be convinced that the Skull and Bones photo indicates this triangle.

World War 1 ended in 1918, 4 years after World War 1 began. Each triangle means 1 year and Triangle 2 indicates the year 1918. World War 2 began in 19', 25 years afterWorld War 1 began. Triangle 9 means the year 19'. 28082014 marked completion of 100 triangles.But Nuclear War did not happen. Whyé That's because the nuclear hazard symbol is required for the nuclear war to happen. World War 2 ended in 1945, 6 years after World War 2 began. If 6 triangles are added to the triangle of 25, then the centre moves to the hexagon,

triangle of 9 or the Star of David, all of which can be formed with 6 triangles separately. Ever wondered why the nuclear symbol looks like thaté Now you know why. Now, let's have a close look at the last triangle of 25. This triangle presents 17, the final form of 8. This number is also what 322 implies. The 100 triangles must be regrouped to express the nuclear hazard symbols. The question is howé Since Triangle 17 is made of 4 triangles,it is appropriate to regroup these triangles 4 by 4. And there is only one final triangle whichexpresses the nuclear symbols. Slides Only from here.

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