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A List of Travel Tips to Make Your Vacation Planning Easier

End Of Times Dates

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*neck snaps* O *pained laugh* OO *offended* O! Matt, isolate the sound of my neck snapping. Holy shit! *neck snaps* Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to Hot Date.

Now I may have just broken my neck in twain (in twain means in half), but that's not gonna stop me from having a spicy, saucy date. And the date's going to be with. this adorable pup! because this is a speed dating game, and if that makes sense, then wow, you're weird and smarter than me am. quot;Hey hey hey! Nice to meet ya.quot; Yo oh, quot;My name's Petunia. You areéquot;

Umm Markiplier quot;Markiplieré Pshh. Did your mom give you that nameééquot; Well, in fact, no! I di I gave it to myself because I'm bizarre like that. Nice to meet you You look lo~vely Oh no, yo. YO!

quot;Oh god. Are you coolé I'm tragically uncool.quot; Well I'm glad we've sorted this out. I am in fact cool All the kids on the school yard say I'm hippin' and hoppin'n I don't know, uh I really don't know. quot;Oh. I thought you would. You seem like you would. Are you sure you don'téquot; Wha god no I don't know. quot;Are you hiding something from me Markiplierééquot;

Aaaah, it's calling me out by name! I don't know! Are do would ha oh Are do would have Oooohh ok quot;Do you have a happy placeéquot; *while laughing* And can I see ité quot;I was once given the name 'Joyless Husk'quot;é quot;I'm pretty sure this was a friendly jest.quot;

quot;Bants. A playquot; oouh quot;Anywhere is my happy place.quot; quot;Right herequot; With meé quot;Here withquot; Here with me! OOH quot;If you're happy and in a place, then that's that.quot; Oh my god!

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