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End Of Time The Lost Chapter 11

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7 stunning end of the world predictions

According to scientists, the world could endon March 16, 2880. Asteroid 1950 DA has a 0.3% chance of hittingEarth in 867 years. At 1 km in diameter, rotates once every twohours and six minutes and would cause untold damage were it to hit the earth.The Shrinking Mt Everest, 2015 There was something else going on with thelandscape of Nepal, which nobody would have even thought of us.As the earthquake subsided, what came as a real shocker was that the earth's highestmountain range, Mt. Everest stood 2.8 cm smaller, according to satellite data.Earth's magnetic field flips!

The biggest reason which led the Mayan apocalypsebelievers to predict the end of the world in 2012 was based on the changing patternsof Earth's magnetic fields. However, Earth's magnetic field is stillweakening 10 times faster than normal, at present and can further weaken.Earth's magnetic field flips! The biggest reason which led the Mayan apocalypsebelievers to predict the end of the world in 2012 was based on the changing patternsof Earth's magnetic fields. However, Earth's magnetic field is stillweakening 10 times faster than normal, at present and can further weaken.Earth Will Be Destroyed by Floods and Earthquakes

by 2021.A series of apocalyptic events, including floods and earthquakes will spell the endof the world before 2021, according to a doomsday prophecy.NEW UNKNOWN WEAPON In this scenario a new type of weapon is created.It might be a Fusion Bomb capable of turning the world into a shortterm star, it mightbe a new form of radiation or it might even be a gravitational weapon that stops the worldspinning. TOTAL NUCLEAR WARThe devastation from thermonuclear blasts would be bad enough and would send what wasleft of mankind back to the Stone Age.

The radiation would engulf the planet on ascale that can't be imagined. Within 6 months anyone who was not “blown up� would bevery sick. Within 24 months just about everyone is dead.

Chapter 11 David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

CHAPTER 11. I BEGIN LIFE ON MY OWN ACCOUNT, AND DON'T LIKE IT I know enough of the world now, to have almost lost the capacity of being much surprised by anything; but it is matter of some surprise to me, even now, that I can have been so easily thrown away at such an age. A child of excellent abilities, and with strong powers of observation, quick, eager, delicate, and soon hurt bodily or mentally, it seems wonderful to me that nobody should have made any sign in my behalf. But none was made; and I became, at ten years old, a little labouring hind in the service of Murdstone and Grinby. Murdstone and Grinby's warehouse was at the waterside. It was down in Blackfriars. Modern improvements have altered the place; but it was the last house at the bottom of a narrow street, curving down hill to the river, with some stairs at the end, where people took boat.

It was a crazy old house with a wharf of its own, abutting on the water when the tide was in, and on the mud when the tide was out, and literally overrun with rats. Its panelled rooms, discoloured with the dirt and smoke of a hundred years, I dare say; its decaying floors and staircase; the squeaking and scuffling of the old grey rats down in the cellars; and the dirt and rottenness of the place; are things, not of many years ago, in my mind, but of the present instant. They are all before me, just as they were in the evil hour when I went among them for the first time, with my trembling hand in Mr. Quinion's. Murdstone and Grinby's trade was among a good many kinds of people, but an important branch of it was the supply of wines and spirits to certain packet ships. I forget now where they chiefly went, but I think there were some among them that made voyages both to the East and West Indies. I know that a great many empty bottles were one of the consequences of this traffic, and that certain men and boys were employed to examine them against the light,

and reject those that were flawed, and to rinse and wash them. When the empty bottles ran short, there were labels to be pasted on full ones, or corks to be fitted to them, or seals to be put upon the corks, or finished bottles to be packed in casks. All this work was my work, and of the boys employed upon it I was one. There were three or four of us, counting me. My working place was established in a corner of the warehouse, where Mr. Quinion could see me, when he chose to stand up on the bottom rail of his stool in the countinghouse, and look at me through a window above the desk. Hither, on the first morning of my so auspiciously beginning life on my own account, the oldest of the regular boys was summoned to show me my business. His name was Mick Walker, and he wore a ragged apron and a paper cap. He informed me that his father was a bargeman, and walked, in a black velvet headdress, in the Lord Mayor's Show.

He also informed me that our principal associate would be another boy whom he introduced by theto meextraordinary name of Mealy Potatoes. I discovered, however, that this youth had not been christened by that name, but that it had been bestowed upon him in the warehouse, on account of his complexion, which was pale or mealy. Mealy's father was a waterman, who had the additional distinction of being a fireman, and was engaged as such at one of the large theatres; where some young relation of Mealy'sI think his little sisterdid Imps in the Pantomimes. No words can express the secret agony of my soul as I sunk into this companionship; compared these henceforth everyday associates with those of my happier childhoodnot to say with Steerforth, Traddles, and the rest of those boys; and felt my hopes of growing up to be a learned and distinguished man, crushed in my bosom. The deep remembrance of the sense I had, of being utterly without hope now; of the shame I felt in my position; of the misery it was to my young heart to believe that day by day what I had learned, and thought, and delighted in, and raised my fancy and my emulation up by, would pass away from me, little by little, never to be brought back any more; cannot be written.

As often as Mick Walker went away in the course of that forenoon, I mingled my tears with the water in which I was washing the bottles; and sobbed as if there were a flaw in my own breast, and it were in danger of bursting. The countinghouse clock was at half past twelve, and there was general preparation for going to dinner, when Mr. Quinion tapped at the countinghouse window, and beckoned to me to go in. I went in, and found there a stoutish, middleaged person, in a brown surtout and black tights and shoes, with no more hair upon his head (which was a large one, and very shining) than there is upon an egg, and with a very extensive face, which he turned full upon me. His clothes were shabby, but he had an imposing shirtcollar on. He carried a jaunty sort of a stick, with a large pair of rusty tassels to it; and a quizzingglass hung outside his coat,for ornament, I afterwards found, as he very seldom looked through it, and couldn't see anything when he did.

'This,' said Mr. Quinion, in allusion to myself, 'is he.' 'This,' said the stranger, with a certain condescending roll in his voice, and a certain indescribable air of doing something genteel, which impressed me very much, 'is Master Copperfield. I hope I see you well, siré' I said I was very well, and hoped he was. I was sufficiently ill at ease, Heaven knows; but it was not in my nature to complain much at that time of my life, so I said I was very well, and hoped he was. 'I am,' said the stranger, 'thank Heaven, quite well. I have received a letter from Mr. Murdstone, in which he mentions that he would desire me to receive into an apartment in the rear of my house, which is at present unoccupiedand is, in short, to be let as ain short,' said the stranger, with a smile and in a burst of confidence, 'as a bedroom

Daniel Chapter 11 part 3

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled. I'm yourhost William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse, and the Co Prophetof the End Times. On this program, I want to continue with our series, on the book ofDaniel chapter 11. We've already discovered that Daniel divided the 45 verses into threedifferent sections. The first 12 verses are divided into a 444 division, the next 18verses are separated into three 666 verse sections, and the last 15 verses are dividedup into a 555 sequence. Daniel does this, in order to reveal to us who the last Kingof the North and the last King of the South are. The last King of the North is the Premier of Russia. The last King of the North is not

Antiochus Epiphanes, nor is he the Anitchrist. He is the last great precursor of the Antichrist. And the last King of the South, will be thePresident of United States. I believe the last Premier of Russia, the de facto head, will be Vladimir Putin. And the last President of the United States will be Barack Obama. As we observe, Moscow and Jerusalem and Kenya are in a straight line on the globe. Kenya,of course, is where the forebearers of Barack Obama came from. Now, let's look at the last 5 verses of chapter 11, which will describe for us the Antichrist. Let's take a closerlook at these last 5 verses of chapter 11, which will give us important information about the Antichrist. At verse 41, he says,

'and he shall enter into the glorious landand many shall fall, and these only shall be saved out of his hand, Edom and Moab and the principle children of Ammon'. Now, we know that the Antichrist will crush the entireworld; so how can three obscure neighbourhoods like Edom, Moab and Ammon survive the AntiChristé Edom and Moab do not even exist anymore, and although Ammon is the capital of Jordan, even then Daniel says that only the principle children will survive. Consequently, we must look at the symbolic meanings for Edom, Moab and Ammon. Now there will be three religious groups who survive the Antichrist: the raptured Protestants, the protected Catholics and the convertedJews. These three groups are symbolized by

Edom, Moab and Ammon. Let's look first at Ammon. Who was heé Ammon was the son, which Lot had by his eldest daughter. Thereforehe represents the eldest of these three religious groups, that is, the Jews who are convertedby Enoch and Elijah. Now, Moab was the son that Lot had by his youngest daughter. Hetherefore symbolizes the raptured Protestants, the youngest of these three denominations.Edom was a nickname for Esau and it means red, because Esau was a redneck. He was an outdoors man. He therefore symbolizes the Catholics, who are protected with Mary inthe desert, when they flee from the Antichrist. Now, let's look at verse number 42 and 43. 'And he shall lay his hand upon the lands

and the land of Egypt shall not escape. and he shall pass through Libya and Ethiopia.' Again, we know that the Antichrist will subduethe entire world including the European Union, including Russia, America and Britain whowill destroy each other in World War 3. Therefor,e why does Daniel just mentioned three tinynations as being subdued, by the Antichristé Again, these three nations symbolize the entireworld. We must look at their symbolic meeting. Now, Egypt was settled by Ham. In fact if you read Psalm 105 in your bibles, Egypt is called the land of Ham. Ethiopia was settled by Shem, another of Noah's three sons. That's why the people in Ethiopia are of Semitic origin.Now, Japeth, the third son of Noah, went north,

and his descendants travelled across Europe,and I believe they came down across the straits of Gibraltar, and some of them settled intoNorth Africa, including Libya. Therefore these three nations, Libya, Ethiopia and Egypt weresettled by the three sons of Noah, Shem, Ham and Japeth and therefore they represent allthe people of the world, because all the people of the world are descended from Noah. Andnow let's look at verse 44. 'And tidings out of the east and out of the north shall troublehim'. Now, other bible scholars completely misinterpret this passage. They think thatRussia is going to invade Israel. No, that's not true. The tidings out of the east referto a comet, the End Times comet, which will

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