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End Of Time On Vimeo

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Vimeo vs YouTube Which One Is Better

Have you ever wanted to know the realdifference between vimeo and and why you use one over the otheré Hi, I'm Micheal of Girl Director. Everyoneknows you can be an overnight success on like Psy and Charlie, Justin Bieber and eventhis little guy who loves Katy Perry. But people have ask us why we use vimeo for some things and for others. When it comes to getting your tutorials out there and potentially going viral

YouTube is fantastic, but there's onething you need to be aware of, you cannot overwrite your clips afteryou've uploaded them. So if you made a mistake or you anupdated for New Year then you need to update it as a separateclip and in history like likes or commentsthat are on the original clip will stay with that. Sothat means that if you need to replace it you'regonna have to delete that and lose comments which is why I like vimeo as well as .

It allows you to overwrite your clips inanytime you want so you can update it for the new yearor whatever and it keeps all the same history thatyou've had before. The other beautiful thing about vimeo is that you can really play around withthe permissions to allow any certain people to say it to beembedded on certain domains and all kinds of things as abunch of options you can play around with including

whether you allow a download option to be available. So that's why we use vimeo from asensitive trade secrets the kinda stuff you have to pay for and for a free stuff like this. I hope that helps have a great day. If you'd like to know more about Girl Director and how we can help you all you have to do is click here. See ya!.

Neural Net in C Tutorial on Vimeo

hi i'm def miller and i'm going to showyou how easy it is to make a classic back propagation girl net simulator in cplus plus this tutorial is for the beginning tointermediate c_plus plus programmer if you can write mbe by the simpleconsul program with a simple classes than you can certainly make a neural netand c plus plus in addition to showing how the neuralnetworks will talk about some pizza cost plus programming basic concepts such asclass assign prototyping data hiding encapsulation and things like that

the tutorial does not cover required anyprior experience with the more advanced topics like exception handling or classinheritance or threats uh. so this will be a simple programand you can download the resulting source code at my block which you canreach from our website neural net at the highest level of edasabstract back black box level is just so super simpleall it does this eat you put numbers in its inputs any good numbers on its output

so it's just a mathematical transform what's the bigdeal about the romance well that and the big deal is thatsometimes you want to get from your inputs to your outputs but you're notsure or the formula as and you're not even sure how tomathematically derived creek formula but if you have a lot of real worldtraining data worked you know what the output should be given certain influence

then you can throw all that trainingdata at your neural net id if it's successful it will learned what the transformants then it will give you a reasonableresult even on the inputs that is never seen before now if you look at the next level ofneural nets uh. look inside the black box to see what the next level of detailit is it's it's pretty clear that under onthat contains just a bunch of these

neurons that ur tightly connected and there are ranged in these columnsmovement of the called layers so there's always a input layer ofneurons that accepts the input numbers there's always a layer of output neuronsin this case just one but how for many in the you need for theproblem yourself you have a layer of output neurons thanin their outputs become the output of the entire neural net but in the middle in between the outputin

uh. input layers you have one or more hiddenlayers of neurons and they're all connected so the teacherare disconnected fully to the the neurons in the next layer to theright eve could have uh. neural nets thatare sparsely connected or have connections that feedback and earlierlayers uh. that would give you a neural net alittle bit of memory if you do that but for this tutorial were going to keepthings simple and just assume that are

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