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TRAILER The Transcendental Object At The End Of Time Terence McKenna Movie

I can hardly believe I'm here My name is Terence McKenna and my training is basically in shamanism and botany and ethnography. Well until a few minutes ago I thought that this was a 45 minute gig, so. you get to see grace under pressure thisevening actually I'm kidding it doesn't matterhow long it goes we could never get to the bottom ofthis stuff nor would we wish to, I think

you know one of the things that hasamazed me with my own personal career because you know I started out basicallyshoveling snow in a cowntown in Colorado and by faith or who knows what come to the present position and what I notice as I traverse levels on a supposed ladder of success

where you would expect there to be more and more competitionand people and activity. actually it gets emptier and emptier there is nobody minding the store as far as I can tell this is why I'm so unsympathetic to conspiracy theory, we could use a few conspiracies, nobody is minding the store

everybody is getting rich personally rich and so all this fantastic apparatus that we see around us is really not so much in the service of channeling liquids, gases, but in the service channeling spirit and into the higher realms where it then can be refluxed, recondensed and the

lapis philosophorum the stone of the philosophers, the central mystery, brought to completion it is upon us every messiah, every religious ontology, every manager of every booth at this exhibit is reflecting a distorted scintilla of the spiritual reality of the transcendental object at the end of time

everyone of us is a particularized and distorted image of this transcendental object, into which we are being dissolved so, uh. well, so whaté.

The Transcendental Object At The End Of Time Terence McKenna Movie FULL HD

basically the idea is to push people toward imagining what they've never imagined and feeling what they've never felt before he's an old friend of all of ours, so I'd like you all to welcome. Timothy Leary yeah yeah I for one, am overjoyed to be here this is one of those special, special evenings that we will all treasure

Terence McKenna means a great deal to me I would say he's one of the 5 or 6 most important people on the planet I can't even think of any others. short term memory loss, but. Terence and I keep meeting in the most wonderful, mythic, adventurous places I was doing a wild tour through Germany about a year ago we came to Heidelberg and we were being guested by

some people that came right out of Hermann Hesse. I mean wizards and gnomes and you know that sort of thing, Heidelberg! and there was Terence McKenna and it was just so perfectly Hesse, Journey To The East, yeah. and so we meet again here tonight you know. I was talking to Terence backstage before we began and we both agree that what he'll be saying tonight has been said

over and over again at all those high moments in human history when those who have gone within and understood about the brain and the inner treasures we all come back and pretty much say the same thing but the problem is though that once you say it, you know you can't go on saying it and saying it and saying it

and when Terence came along a few years ago and was saying what I've been trying to say but naturally better, upgraded, up to date I was so overwhelmed with gratitude and I publicly thank you for that, Terence by the way the role that Terence is playing right now is one that takes not only vision, but it also takes fucking courage we were saying backstage that

that Terence and I are a small group of philosophers who make our living not in the Ivory Tower to call it living, but uh. just speaking it chatting it, raving it. ranting it and no one has ever done it with more

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