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End Of Time At Revel

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EndTime Prophecy 101 Why Should You Study Biblical Prophecy

Gary Petty Welcome everyone to the BeyondToday Wednesday night Bible study. If you will please just bow your heads, we'll askfor God's blessing on what we do here. Great Father, our King, we come before youas our Father. We need You, Father, to guide us because we are little children. Spiritually,we're just small children trying to understand the reality of who You are, who Jesus Christis, the world You've created, and the purpose that You have for us in this world, Father,that's under Satan's rule and has been really changed from what You intended us to be andhow You intended us to live. So, Father, You gave us this Book that helps guide us, directus. And it gives us also a vision of the future,

Father, and what You're doing, what we callprophecy, when You tell us in advance what You're going to be doing. So please guideus now through this book. Please help us to be able to understand and grow from it throughYour Spirit that we may be encouraged, Father, and have faith in what You are doing and faithin what You will achieve. So we praise You, and we ask all this in Jesus' name. Amen. So this is the second study in a new sortof series of studies we're doing on Bible prophecy. The question I would like to asktonight and answer is why study Bible prophecyé Now, for some people, that's the easiest questionto answer. They just love Bible prophecy.

In fact, that's what most of their study is,to get into the Bible, the book of Revelation, and make up charts and figure out what Hoseais saying and not only to the people then but what's his message for us today to gothrough the Olivet Prophecy of Jesus Christ and the book of Daniel and connect all thesethings together. And that's the center of their Bible study. Now, other people will say, “I don't studythe Bible much as far as prophecy because I'm more interested in doctrine—basic doctrine,core doctrines, like I wonder who God is and I want to know how to live my life.� Otherpeople say, “To me, the most important thing

about studying the Bible is Christian living.It's how to live life, how to have a happy marriage, how to raise my children.� Ofcourse, how you answer some of these things depends on what period of life you're in,too. But for some people, prophecy is an important part of the Bible study. For others, it'sthe core of their Bible study.  Well, the truth is if we're going to getthe message God gives to us, then we have to study all these things. We need to studyChristian living, because prophecy without Christian living is rather meaningless. Weneed to understand how to have a happy marriage. We need to understand basic core doctrine,what the Bible does teach about heaven and

hell or whether we have an immortal soul.These are all important things. We need to study the Sabbath, the holy days. But we alsoneed to study prophecy. So why should we study prophecyé So what I'mgonna do today is I‘m gonna give you six reasons why prophecy should be part of yourBible study. I'm not saying it should be all of your Bible study. In fact, I'm noteven saying it should be the majority of your Bible study. But if we understand it as partof our mix of understanding what the Bible is all about, we will find that prophecy isinvolved in every other subject in one form or another. So reasons why, and we'll gothrough these reasons and we're gonna go

through a number of scriptures. So if youhave your Bibles, you can keep up with what we go through here. The first one, first reason why we shouldstudy Bible prophecy, prophecy reveals that God is active in human history. There wasan old deist belief that God was like a watchmaker. He just made the universe, wound it up, stoodback, and said, “Let's see what happens.� And that's not true. Now, it's true that youand I live in a world that's not God's world, in terms of society. He didn't make thisworld the way it is. This is a product of Satan. It's a product of us. But what wesee in prophecy is that God just didn't let

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