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End Of The World Rem Chords

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Steven Law shows how to arrange songs for guitar

a lot of people asked me how to arrange songs on guitar. So today i am going to demonstrate the first steps. First, write down the melody. In this example the tune is in the key of C. For most tunes, the first and the last chords are the key chord, which is C major in this case

The one before the end is usually the Dominant chord, which is the fifth chord. In this case that is G Major. Now we ‘ ve already found out three of the chords. Most of the possible melody notes can be played over either the key chord or the dominant chord. That's really good news. It makes it easier for us. The C major chord is made up of the notes Do mi so.

and the G Major is so ti re. choose a chord which includes the melody notes which are on the beat. we normally change the chord only at the beginning of the bar. The next step is to plan the bass line. Usually the bass note is the root note of the chord. so when you ‘re playing a C major chord

It's C when you're playing a G major it's G, and so on. So this is what it sounds like when we put it together. To keep it simple,I'll only play the melody and the bass. when you have a bit more skill on the guitar you can include other chord notes. So now go and choose a tune you like

put some chords to it and have fun.

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