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End Of The World Religion

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The 10 CRAZIEST RELIGIONS in the World

Alright, see you my man. Oh thaté Oh, Buddha lives right above me. He's actually pretty noisy. He parties a lot. So I've never been a religious person simply because I find that the rules that the major religionsrequire to live their lives by

just don't make sense in today's world. But at least most of therules of the major religions aren't flat out crazy unlikethe lesser known religions that I stumbled upon this week that just serve up a big piece ofcrazy pie with a side of So to help me tell you aboutthem is my friend Ariel. Oh hi everyone! My name is Ariel and todayI will be helping Matt

present to you the ten craziest religions in the entire world. Number one, The Creativity Movement. This organization is home to the whites only religion called Creativity. They actually use the termcreator to refer to themselves, not a deity as the religionis actually atheistic. The organization is known for good deeds

such as plotting to kill federal judges, which its leader Matthew Halewound up going to jail for. Its ideology can be classified as NeoNazi and is known as antiSemitic, racist, antiChristian, and generallyall around antisanity. Number two is Jediism. Yes, the Jedi religion is a real thing. Members of this religion actually believe

that the Force really exists. Accomplished Jedis arecapable of using the Force and are bound by the codeof morality and justice. Their belief system is based off a mix of Taoism and Buddhism along with some elementsof medieval chivalry. Alright, this one might be a little crazy as Star Wars was clearlya work of fiction,

but hey, at least they're apositive force in the world. Even if it is ultimately nerdy. Woah! How did that go off. I don't even know howthat lightsaber got there. I'm not a Jedi. I don't, I'm not a Jedi. Moving on.

Bro Dave Ch 9 The End of Organized Religion Apocalyptic Movie Commentary

Hello, I'm Brother Dave. I want to share today about something Jesus called“The Kingdom of Heaven�. When Jesus died, he said, “It is finished!� About the same time a thick curtainin front of the Holy of Holies in the Jewish Temple was miraculously torn from top to bottom. God was breaking out of the box! God was finished with organized religion.

God still works through individualswho happen to be part of religious organizations. But the organization is not the key ingredient anymore. The key is your personal relationship with God. That onetoone thing. How much faith do you have as an individualé For hundreds of years, God persevered with the Jews, that is, with the Children of Israel… Then Jesus came along.

He had a new kingdom…. an invisible kingdom. That baffled people for centuries, but not when you understand it's about a personal relationship. Are you walking in all the light you haveé Are you exercising your faith as you understand ité Then that's where the kingdom of heaven is being built. But followers of Jesussoon became followers of the laws of the land,

building temples, blessing bombs, running for President, doing all the things you might expect from the kingdom of Israel. It's all contrary to the values of the kingdom of heaven. Most of the world has forgottenor never heard that the kingdom Jesus was building was invisible. It's a kingdom that exists in the hearts and the minds

of those who listen to Jesus and then seek to obey him. But there's a period of seven years coming, when all genuine sincere believerswill be miraculously brought together. We'll become visible… for the last seven years before Jesus returns. Saying, “Oh, we're that church; we're the special organization� won't make it happen. It has to come from God. But nothing that anyone can do will stop that from happening either.

It will happen as foretold. This one true church will be like a Bride, prepared for her Husband,without spot or wrinkle… perfect. No organization that you or I could start would ever be perfect. But this one will be started by God. It'll last for seven years. So if you're trying your best to faithfully follow God,

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