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End Of The World October

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Is the End of the WorldJesus Coming September 16 or October 31 Exaggerated Prophecies

Hi.  I'm learning to be an end time survivor.I'm trying to listen and learn so I can live. I want to learn more about the end times but what I see on YouTube can be depressing. There are 100s of tutorials about the end times. I like the survival tips because they can be useful in any disaster. They are good skills to know.  They're worth learning. Most of the tutorials talk about the Antichrist, Mark of the Beast, and other prophecy stuff. To get viewers, many use misleading titles.The latest says Jesus will return on August 30. The tutorials themselves say nothing about the title.

Someone just picks a date and puts it on their tutorial to get a lot of hits.  Of course it works. People want their tutorial to be popular even if it's not truthful. But it makes Christians who are seriously interested in the Bible look hysterical and irrational. I believe Jesus is going to return, and the microchip implant is probably the Mark of the Beast. I'm also curious about things likeplans for a new temple in Jerusalem. But turning every disaster, terrorist attack, war,or election into evidence that Jesus will come tomorrow (or August 30!) is embarrassing. I don't want to be associated with that kind of thing.  We undermine ourselves when we do that. I realise that even this tutorial can put me in that mould.  But here is what I really want to say.

I want to meet others who are looking for Jesus, and who see major signs that the Mark, the Antichrist and the tribulation are not far off. I don't want to chase after an expert who has supposedly worked it all out for us. I think Jesus has the answers. I think He wants his followers to move closer together so we can encourage each other. Following The Lamb, like the Survivors tutorials say. It may not be time to link up formally, but knowing others, like people who contribute tutorials to this site… That's encouraging for me, and I hope it will be for others too. If you feel this way, you can contact us. Maybe we can help you do a tutorial like I've just done. The email address is endtimesurvivors@gmail .You can find it in the “aboutquot; section on this channel.

But first, just subscribe to our channel;then share your comments below We look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thank you.

Harold Campings New Rapture Date October 21 2011

young turks is a new deals page revision threedot com slash t y t deals the world didn't come to an end on saturday there are still here was switched at bia are you sure word your wait here physicallyalthough we might not be here spiritually bows arrows according to harold camping soof course when the world in come to an end yet to come up with some sort of explanationand um. during his radio show on open forum he basically argued that look there wasn'tuh. a physical apocalypse okay a physical rapture however we have experienced a spiritualrapture olivera yet i think that what happened

and he says that the actual physical linkthat will really happen on october twenty first of course it will of course it was i love that picture there's a lot of thingsi love it apparently this was the invisible rapture right uh. that's right how come you just before the ranch was tobe invisible this kind of leave that one out

saleable harold camping is a winner here's a winner because people are donatingmoney to him like crazy between two thousand five in two thousand nine his uh. a family radio received eighty million dollars it's currently worthseventy two million dollars and people i'm sure continue to give to 'em because obviouslywe had the invisible rapture yup waiting okay and then we're gonna have thereal wrapped her family with earthquakes etcetera

on october twenty first so you begging formoney their own camping right away so is it is the one that was probably for it and no one has had this much success that what i don't remember seeing here is that large rotate and this guy is like kind of a man opportuneto the world is ending in ninety four than in twenty eleven and then again in twentyeleven

and i'll get almost soccer's allure only giveme money happiness profiting off of very gullible people if you're available andyou're willing to believe some eighty nineyearold man who says the world is going to come toan end that he can read the bible and interpreted as some special way and you deserve to haveyour money taken away from you maybe he has such large ears so that you can't hear gun well that's exactly the case right uh. sothat's why he's the only one who knew that

there was a spiritual rapture happening lastnight yeah i mean i can see there was a visiblethe maker that's cuz im dorset but not with luke i dont be too harshon the father straight but i got to be harsher one stop wasting our money stop wasting yourfamily's money 'cause a lot of people are not have put on the table of people spent their whole cities that kids are goingto get it is even this obvious hoekstra

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