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End Of The World Norway

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Norways gift to the world the Svalbard Global Seed Vault

We are now at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which was built in 2008. It is a vault deep inside the mountainside, built for gene banks world wide to deposit backup copies of their seed into a safe storage, so that a backup copy can be retrievedin case they should lose their own seed collection.

There are many good reasons why Svalbard is so well suited for the placement of the vault. First, there is permafrost here. The storage is kept at 18 degrees C, which is the same as in gene banks world wide. Should a shortcut in power occur,the mountain keeps a constant 5 to 6 degrees C. The seeds will be frozen even without extra cooling.

Svalbard is also well suited because of good infrastructure. It is perhaps the northernmost place in the world with its own airport. There is easy access. Freight routines are good. Good local organization enables easy surveillance. The placement near the airport makes surveillance easy.

By routine we open the vault for seed deposits about three times a year. The seed usually arrives by air transportation, and is transported to the vault in our presence. We place the seed on a predesignated space on shelves inside the mountain. The seed's placement is noted in a database, to enable easy extraction if needed. Since the very beginning, ICARDA realized the importance ofthe establishment of the Global Seed Vault.

For that reason, ICARDA incorporated into its policy ashipment of all of its accessions to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault,to ensure safely duplication for the future demands. At that time, nobody could imaginethe implications of potential war. Now, ICARDA needs to multiply the seeds. That's why we need to come and retrieve the seeds from our safety duplication set here in Svalbard.

It's the most fresh and the most complete safe duplication set that we have deposited. So Svalbard is going to send us the seeds to our two destinations – – our gene banks in Morocco and Lebanon – in order to reconstruct our active collection and to multiply the seeds. Hopefully, in the next two or three years,we will be able to return fresh seeds

Dangerous Norways Atlantic Ocean Road

*Humming of car* *Wind hitting microphone* *Wave Crashes* *Water Splashing* *Car Passing* *Water Splashing* *Wave Crashes*.

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