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End Of The World Everyday Lyrics

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The Worlds Gonna End

You ever get too stressed and think your lifesucksé Well, let it go, the world is gonna end one day and nothing will matter! Chill out. The world's gonna end your problems ain't shit. Relax,

and have a beer, enjoy the sun while it's still here. There's a super volcano 40 miles under YellowstoneNational Park, that's overdue to erupt. It could put a hole in the country, and block out the sun with 200,000 tons ofsulphuric acid! We could get hit by a huge asteroid and turn the earth into a donut!

A rogue black hole could pass through ourgalaxy, mess up the planetary orbits and cause the earth and sun to officially unfriend each other. Or the sun could dim even slightly and sendus into another Ice Age, but not the fun kind with Ray Romano. Chill out. The world's gonna end your problems ain't shit.

Forget! paying your rent. When the earth's gone you won't owe acent. Two collapsed stars could merge and createa gamma­ ray burst, cook our atmosphere and kill all the planktonin the ocean. No plankton means no oxygen. Fuck the haters. Without oxygen the haters will be dead!

Global warming could raise the sea levelsso high we're living in that underwater level ofSuper Mario. CERN could accelerate their particles and create a black hole in Geneva, and we all die super villain style. Or maybe there will be too many people and we'll run out of clean water. Humans can't drink poop water!

Stephen Hawking thinks if Aliens exist, it'll be like how Columbus treated the AmericanIndians, which was not very chill. We could chop down the rainforest and then the whole ecosystem will collapse. That's called a trophic cascade and it sucks. Fungus could spread an evil disease. Or terrorists could spread an evil disease.

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