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Travel Tips And Advice

A List of Travel Tips to Make Your Vacation Planning Easier

End Of The World Emma Watson

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This Is the End

(AIRPLANE LANDING) (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) MAN: Hey, Seth Rogen. What up, mané (MOUTHING) WOMAN: Oh, hey, John! Over here! MAN OVER P.A.: lt;igt; Welcome to Los Angeleslt;igt; lt;igt; International Airport.lt;igt; lt;igt; Attention, all passengers.lt;igt; lt;igt; Do not leave yourlt;igt; lt;igt; baggage unattended.lt;igt;

lt;igt; All unattended baggagelt;igt; lt;igt; is subject to search.lt;igt; (LAUGHING) Yay! We're so happy! Look at this! What's happening, mané Good to see you, buddy. How you doingé I'm good, man.

(LAUGHS) Yes, you are. How long has it been, mané Sometime in the last. Inside of a year or something. Yeah. I have the best weekendever planned, man. Lay it on me. Ooh! I don't want to ruin it.

MAN: Seth Rogen! Shit, here we go. Hey. How's it going, mané Yeah, good. So, you, like, always play, like, the same guy in every movie. When are you gonna do some, like, real acting, mané SETH: Okay, thank you. Give me something. Give me, like, the laugh, man.

Give me the Seth Rogen laugh. (SETH LAUGHS) Seth Rogen, everybody. All right, I've landed. I'm here. We've said our hellos. Can we please go to fucking Carl's Jr.é (GROANS) Oh. I would. I would love to. I'm on a. I can't really eat that stuff right now.

I'm on a, uh. Whaté I'm on this cleanse. You're. You're on a whaté I'm on a cleanse. (LAUGHING) Whaté It's good for you.

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