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End Of The World 2012 New York Times

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Julian Assange Hit Piece In New York Times

i guess giulianna science has been a bitof a pain in the assigns for our press just when you thought we couldn't getgoofy about mister schisms so mad about it right but uh.we thought no i wanna rip in new york times i want to do with a smile fixed so we goin this direction outlook here's a reality uh. our press sucks an incrediblyjealous of joanna sought and that's why

they view him to be a pain and that'sall i got home i got your embarrassing us word competent words is lacking isfor the government how dare you exposes right so new york times ahead job undoing asize for that and they do this pathetic article wherethey throw the whole kitchen sink at they say well forces very cute of sexualabuse and rape uh. and probably also basil unique house guests reputation isle of thisbook

sometimes has some friends that he cameover uninvited uh. international criminal and he has to be used a cat of someone that also worked at least week healy'swho now hates now do you really it is a debt who knowsthe guys got a grudge against it and he refused to flush a toilet think note that in the new york times what a straight face

by god well i'll join size permittedbattling killings azide but there are the ones that aresometimes according to that would despise them and mimi kids your you're an embarrassment york timesi mean if you heard editor you read that crappy like really intel that this and i was

one of them most wellknown people inthe world for good reason not to see some sort of realities that but his meeting enormous efforts the keep harping on tunisia and egypt is my god that have spring panelsrevolution started there and we can lead to at least had a bigpart of plan that the revelations into a backpack activists whatever that was a little ofcome on man

this is a journalism this just suck up to the governors thenew york times sake government how can we help please there was more donovansources like i will have such great stories it we could just put the whitehouse total credit and that was said all we have a source of the white house wasso good but then i just done yet with kidsemploy list william newman in ninety twenty dollar or an embarrassmentcontinue it struck many as part of the service onshoe shop to fame as a fighter for media

End The Afghanistan War New Poll

is a millionandahalf stories aboutafghanistan and how badly it's going to course is the killing of the seventeencivilians by one of our soldiers and some questions too how he did the shooting now there's a palace of the questionsabout sir bypassed by some and media outlets as towhether there were multiple shooters that's a whole mother can of worms uh. and at three more of our soldiersgot shot

at afghani bellows soldiers the once their training now some reports have it uptick eighty of nato forces have beenkilled uh. afghans the dispose p on theirside so there's a disaster every knows is adisaster ansel polling indicates how much of the disaster it is sixtynine percent said the u_s_ shouldnot be involved in the war in

afghanistan that is an enormously high number sixty eight percent said yeah guess whatit's going down csuf course is the most obviously in theworld uh. fifty nine percent said the war isnot success not that is that going twelve so it is not the successfully readtwenty seven percent level all islands of the war is a success

natalie defense of the twenty sevenpercent there is now the war was a success many years ago when we droveallocate and the taliban of the country originally if we packed our bags eight to nine years ago but what abouttotal success if we start the pack our bagsimmediately after we told them on you could even argue that it was a success what are we still doing that nobodyknows in fact

uh. right now forty four percent of aclear pool rally so that we should withdraw before twenty fourteen from plan is towithdraw by twenty four gmail like didi let's get out of there about thirty three percent say okay thetwenty fourteen timeline is okay seventeen percent want to stay afterthat i faced a seventeen percent more fordefense contractors who the hell was a stamp descent hastwenty fourteen

and for what reason that's the mostinteresting part when advanced people why are we there most had no idea a majority said i don't know why were there will take but fifteen percent said op i guess werefighting terrorism seven percent said to stabilize thecountry and then uh. five percent

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