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The Final Pope Project Lucifer Tom Horn Cris Putnam Sid Roths Its Supernatural

Is there asupernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we knowé Is there life after deathé Do angels existé Can our dreams containmessages from Heavené Can we tap into ancientsecrets of the supernaturalé Are healing miracles realé Sid Roth has spent over 35 yearsresearching the strange world of

the supernatural. Join Sid for thisedition of quot;It's Supernatural!quot; Sid: Hello. Welcome to my world where it'snaturally supernatural. Buried in the library ofthe Vatican was an ancient 900yearold prophecy, whichlisted every pope for the next 112 popes. Well we've had 111 and everysingle pope that had a prophetic

word, and they all had it,that's what happened in their life. Amazing, stunning accuracy. Would you like to know whatit says about the 112th popeé I'll tell you one thing, itsays he will be the pope for the final judgment. You know, Tom and Chris,your bestselling books, you made major predictions.

I mean, you guys like tolive a little dangerously. I mean, went all out ona limb, and you stated, you predictedthat in March 2012, the pope would resignfor health reasons, and let's be candiddid they miss ité Did youé Tom: Well at first actually,we thought we might have. Now we learn thatin fact we did not.

We made a prediction thatBenedict would retire in either March or April 2012,citing health reasons. When that date came and wentand no activity had transpired, we moved to the secondpart in our prediction, which we also made in 2012, thatat a minimum he would retire before the end of 2013. Now we've learned, by theway, from the editor of the El Observatory Romano, which isthe Vatican's own official media

outlet, that in fact, PopeBenedict officially resigned at the end of March 2012, privatelyto a handful of cardinals who held it in a strictreserve, in a confidence. It couldn't be toldeven to other cardinals. This happened last year. He made it official in 2013. So in a very supernatural,dramatic way we were actually right in both instances.

The Purge Election Year Official Trailer 1 2016 Elizabeth Mitchell Frank Grillo Movie HD

We played a lot of purge games this evening We have just one more, its called Bobby's Choice. Which one of you will survive this year's purgeé The soul of our country is at stake. The purge targets the poor and innocents. The senator is going to win, and she is gonna make real changes too. It is a night that is defining our country. Its time to do something about that senator.

The purge has to come to an end. You take a lot of risks, senator. I have to. I was the only one in my family to survive. Why did you apply for this positioné I almost did something on purge night some years back. I want this night gone. I want men in all these rooms. We got eyes and ears on everything. All right, lets begin.

This is your emergency broadcast system. Announcing the commencement of the annual purge. At the siren all crimes, including murder, will be legal for 12 hours. Your government thanks you for your participation. Someone betrayed us. This is not a drill. We are on our own. We have one goal right now.

Survival. Senator. Come with us. Do you all know what is at stake hereé It is our duty to help protect her. Here they come. Hold on! Blessed be America. For letting us purge and cleanse our souls.

Join me, as we eliminate evil. Purge and provide. Purge and provide.

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