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MANDELA EFFECT Update Part 3 C3P0 Leg Morph Transformers Alaska Berenstein VHS Mona Lisa

Hey Yall, Welcome to Mandela Effect UpdatePart 3. First up is the scene in Silence of the Lambswhere Clarice meets Hannibal Lector. Many of us remember him to have said helloClarice in the scene. But instead he now just stares for a whileand noe of that was ever said. Let's take a look. Good Morning. Lector my name is Clarice Starling. Can I speak with youé

Your one of Jack Croford'sé Arent youé I am, yes. May I see your credentialsé Certainly. Well, Yep, Hello Clarice is not there anymore. Next is the Mona Lisa change. I found something very interesting about thisone thanks to one of my subscribersTruth and

Life. This is a clip from their tutorial which showsthe side by side comparison of the new one and the residual. Now do you rememberé I do. I remember the one on the right from childhood. They are different for sure. No doubt about it.

We seem to have a new whale species that justpopped up into existence. This may or may not be a mandela effect butit's worth a look. From r Lifting The Veil. Let's take a look. A new whale species has been discovered. So, I was talking about the mandela effectand how there were new animals in this world well we just discovered a new species of whale. This whale has never been seen and has neverhas even been named so this is a new whale,

a new whale species this new whale has scientistsshocked. And they should be, um, like I said, ther'snew animals in this world and new animals apparently are popping up into existence. and it appears and I normally get commentsah, you iddiot theres new animal species being discovered every day,. Well just stop and think about that for asecond, you know. Think about that. Why are they you know being discoveredé

Have they always been there. They always been there then why are you suddenlydiscovering them and they were saying oh, They were always here, I haven't seen themyet. Sarah Palin said she could see Russia fromAlaska. and she was mocked and laughed at for saying that. but as we know now because of the mandelaeffect, Russia is almost thouching Alaska now. Yep, Here's Russia and here is Alaska. andit's practicaly touching right here, so.

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