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A List of Travel Tips to Make Your Vacation Planning Easier

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Mirai Orange ED Acoustic GuitarTabs

English lyrics by Rebecca Butler Watanabe Enjoy! 🙂 Whenever I am close to forgetting all my dreams The tears you cry remind me who I want to be And every time that I need a reason to keep fighting

You show me once more what it is I'm living for There's a lonely autumn breeze blowing through the lakeside trees It brings a second spring and unfulfilled fantasies Someday I hope to be a flower blooming on the branch

Right next to you, we'll blossom hand in hand Now and then your eyes reflect the sorrow inside When you smile at me And I know there's still a part of you Deep in your soulthat you can't show to me If only I could keep loving you this way Even if you never know, I won't need to explain

Never bonded at the heart, we can never come apart And I'll cherish all my pain, with tears that flow like rain High atop the trees on such a thin and fragile bough You can see the beginning of your future budding now You hold your head up high with your eyes turned to the sky Never trying to trim away

all the days you've yet to face You smile as you reflect That's the you I want to protect I'll embrace the tears deep in my soul Because I want to be here with you Because I want to be here with you.

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