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End Of Days Revelation Signs

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1260 Days from 2012 Sign End Spring 2016

Hey everyone, I cant believe I did not notice this before,but we have a very important watch coming up at the end of March this year. March 29, 2016 is 1260 days from October 16,2012, when the sign of Revelation 12 occurred. The reason this may be important is, in Revelation12, the very next event after the celestial sign is a 1260 day period. The celestial Sign in Revelation 12 is veryrare. It most recently occurred in October of 2012, and the time before that was in theyear 1570. It will not occur again for another

500 years, in 2454. The recent fulfillment of the sign in 2012was not isolated. It occurred in exact accordance with prophecy. It occurred one month afterthe recent fulfillment of Daniel's 1290 and 1335 days, on the exact Appointed dateof Trumpets on the true calendar in 2012. I want to point out that the standard Jewishcalendar is now in alignment with the true calendar in 2016. But they should have beenin alignment with it in 2012 also. If they had followed the instructions in the Bible,then they would have known the true date of trumpets in 2012, but they didn't because they have their own human methods.

So they were unaware that the sign occurred on the appointed time of Trumpets in 2012. But it did, and as I said they are now in alignment with the true calendar in 2016. But they were not 3.5 years ago. Because what we are supposed to do is look at the sun and the moon every single year and align the calendar every single year. We're not supposed to be just going along doing our own thing for 10 or 20 years and then at some point in the future just decide quot;oh okay, lets align the calendar nowquot; That's not how its supposed to work, but that's what they did and so in 2012 their calendar was off.

In 2013 their calendar was off, in 2014 and 2015 their calendar was off, then finally in 2016 they decided to align it. So now their calendar is correct this year. But what I'm saying is, 3.5 years ago, the TRUE calendar was the same as it is this year. The same methods we used this year we used in 2012. So the TRUE calendar was NOT off in 2012 The Standard Human Jewish calendar was off in 2012. The Feast of Trumpets is LITERALLYtranslated as the SIGN of trumpets in Leviticus 23, and that SIGN of the Trumpet literallyoccurred at the BIBLICAL appointed Time in

2012. In addition to the fulfillment of the signon true trumpets one month after the fulfillments of Daniel 12, this sign also occurred in themidst of Daniel 9's seven year period, and that seven year period, again, is not an isolated fulfillment. It cannot commence until the fulfillments of the commandment to restore Jerusalem, the 7 and 62 shabuwa, and the confirming of the covenant. In Bible prophecy, it is clear that the signof Revelation 12 MUST occur at the setting up of the Abomination of Desolation, otherwise translatedas the Idol of Terror. And the setting up of the Idol of Terror MUST occur 1290 days after the taking of the oath of the POSITION (alternate translation). That was the recent fulfillment.

Therefore, this sign is extremely important.It is the EXACT fulfillment in EXACT accordance with Bible prophecy. The fact that most Christians are unawareof it is ALSO a fulfillment of the prophecy. And again, because the sign precedes a 1260day period in the prophecy, the 1260 day period right after the sign in 2012 may be significant. The sign occurred on October 16, 2012 and1260 days from that date ends on March 29, 2016. The end of the 1260 day period in Bible prophecyrepresents on one level the impact of the

END TIME Message to the Church Sid Roths Its Supernatural

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it'snaturally supernatural. I'm going to teach, tonight,revelation about the End Times from the book in the Bible thatexplains what is going on and what is about ready to happen inthe last days. And I'm going to give you hint. It's not the Book of Revelation. Is there a supernaturaldimensioné

a world beyond the one we knowé Is there lifeafter deathé Do angels existé Can our dreams contain messagesfrom Heavené Can we tap into ancient secretsof the supernaturalé Are healing miracles realé Sid Roth has spent over 35 yearsresearching the strange world of the supernatural.

Join Sid for this edition ofIt's Supernatural! Sid: I know that I'm going tosurprise a lot of you. But the, THE End Time book tothe church is not the Book of Revelation. And when I teach from thisparticular book, more healings take place than when I give amessage on healings. I know it blows your mind, butit's so significant to where we are in history.

This is so amazing to me, therevelation that God has given to me form the End Time book to thechurch, the Book of Esther. You know whaté We Jewish people know exactlywhat we do. When we talk during Purim, wetalk about the Book of Esther, and when Esther's name ismentioned, everyone says, quot;Ahhhquot;. Well we Jewish people normallyhave two names to protect, no,

I'm just teasing. We normally have two names. My Hebrew name from Israel justhappens to be Israel. And we have a name from thecountry we have immigrated to. So my name from America isSidney. Esther was the same way. Esther was not her originalname. Her original name, one of thenicest s in Israel was

named that, Hadassah. The Hadassah is namedafter Queen Esther because Esther wasn't her Hebrew name. Hadassah means quot;a myrtle with abeautiful fragrancequot;. But when you got anothercountry, you take their name. This was the Persian name, whichI'll give you a hint, is really Iran. And her Persian was Esther,which came from Ishtar, which

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