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DIY Clothes 5 DIY T Shirt Projects Cool

In this tutorial you'll learn how to recyclefive T shirts from boring to absolutely amazing and unique.Hey guys! After posting my do it yourself shorts tutorial many of you asked for moreclothes DIYs. So today we're making shirts, tops and all that cool stuff. I'll show youhow to transform five plain boring t shirts into fabulous tops that you'll adore. I promise.Want to see it for yourselfé Let's do it! Let's start with this spiral dyed fringe tshirt.You'll need a shirt, fabric spray paint, elastics, scissors and beads. First we are going tocolor the shirt using a spray paint. Place the shirt on the flat surface. Locate thecenter of your shirt and pinch it there. This

will be the center of your spiral. Now starttwisting the fabric like so. You can also use the palm of your hand. Then start featheringthe remaining parts into a spiral with your other hand until you get a nice little cinnamonroll. Mmm. now I am getting really hungry. On with the shirt – we need to secure theshape with elastics, so that our roll shape stays in place while painting. Tuck the shirtparts peeking out under your elastics like so. I want to color two opposite fourths ofthe circle in pink and the other two in blue. Hold your stencil over the shirt so you haveonly one fourth of the shirt exposed and spray the color on. I started with pink for thefirst fourth of the shirt, now I am moving

on to the blue spray paint. Then go in withpink again and lastly with blue on the last quarter. Using the same stencil cover theshirt and spray on the blue paint. Spray applies the color in a wider circle, therefore it'snecessary to use a stencil if you're working with more than one color. You can be quitegenerous because spray paint doesn't tend to leak throughout the fabric. You can alsojust pour some paint on the t shirt for a higher pigmentation. When you are happy, cutthe elastics and here's the result. As you can see the edges are much sharper when tiedying with spray paint instead of usual fabric paint.If you want more colored stripes, just go

ahead and tie the shirt into a roll again.Pinch it at the same spot as before, twist, feather the shirt, secure with elastics andstart spraying. Since I want to add just pink color this time I'll spray a pink spraypaint over the entire shirt both, on the front and at the back. Cut the elastics and nowthe spiral design is even more pronounced. I love how it looks! Like a cool skeletonspiral! Finally we can proceed to the fringe part.Start by cutting along the bottom part of the shirt to make it a bit more cropped andto get rid of the edge. For the cute fringe make narrow cuts vertically approximatelyhalf of an inch apart. You can go as high

as you want with it, I decided to make aboutfour inches long cuts. You can cut both, the front and the back of the shirt in one go.This way you get equal strings on both sides and you finish quicker. Next we need to pulleach string, this will gather the material and won't look that freshly cut. Beforewe start tying the strings I recommend placing a piece of paper inside the shirt to separatethe front and the back strings. We'll decorate fringes with colorful beads. I decided forlilac, blue, white and yellow ones. Take your first and fourth string It doesn't materwhere you start and thread on three random colored beads. Make a knot to keep them inplace like so. Then take your third string

go through this loop and pair it with thestring number six. Add beads and make a knot. As you see, you need to have two strings betweenthe two you tie together. So now you must take the fifth and the eighth one, put thebeads on and make a knot. Continue tying the strings with beads all along the front andthen turn the shirt around and continue the same steps at the back. Take two strings,thread on the beads and tie a knot. In the end you will get this cool cross tied fringethat I absolutely adore. You could just make a normal fringe, maybe add some beads to eachstring, but I think this cross tied fringe looks even better. My shirt had a wide necklineso I like to wear it off the shoulder. If

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